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Photographer #327: Gillian Laub

Gillian Laub, 1975, USA, is a documentary photographer and storyteller living and working in New York. In 2007 she released the book Testimony. For a period of five years she had photographed the people of Jerusalem, Haifa, Ramallah and other locations in the region. Israeli Jews and Arabs, displaced Lebanese families and Palestinians, all personally affected by the current situation, were portrayed. The images are accompanied by commentaries from the subjects. The commentaries in combination with the images show resilience and optimism amongst the photographed. For many years Gillian has been documenting and telling the story of four generations of her family. She is currently working on the project Southern Rites in the American South. The following images come from the series Southern Rites, Testimony and Family.

Website: www.gillianlaub.com

Contact Editions

Laura Pannack: On ””Young Love”” from Contact Editions on Vimeo.

It is my pleasure to introduce here Contact Editions, a new organization that is selling prints by emerging photographers at very affordable prices, a great choice for anyone interested in collecting original prints at reasonable cost. The most recent work featured by Laura Pannack, Young Love, is quite extraordinary.

Besides selling prints, Contact Editions also publishes video interviews (see above) with the photograhers providing a nice context to the significance of the photograph as view by the photographer.

Our aim at CONTACT is to create a community around photographic talent, to support photographers in the ongoing progress of their personal work. Contact will support photography at all levels; providing opportunities for those already producing work to self-fund through the sale of editioned prints, and a hand up to those embarking on their first personal projects, through informal crits, online advice and competitions. We see CONTACT as a way of creating a network and community between photographers, galleries, collectors and image lovers.

Go and take a look as well to their  blog where you will find very interesting work and commentaries.