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Luis Carlos Tovar – Silla Rimax

I’m in Colombia now,  Medellin to be exact. I figured I should blog about Colombian artists, although truth be told, I discovered Luis Carlos Tovar’s work while I was still in Lima in March.  Tovar’s series Silla Rimax deals with those cheap, ubiquitous white plastic chairs that infest the entire world. His approach is very clever. He gently presses their forms in wet sand on the beach and then photographs the impressions. It almost looks like they excavated a new room at Pompeii and discovered that the Romans too used these cheap plastic chairs.

Luis Carlos Tovar – Silla Rimax

Luis Carlos Tovar – Silla Rimax

These photos are from the French website Photoquai, which looks interesting. They do periodic features on photographers from around the world. The name Silla Rimax, refers to the company in Colombia which makes most of these chairs.

Pictures of the Week: May 11 – May 18

From violence in Colombia and a huge fire in Manila to soccer championships across Europe and the presidential handover ceremony in France, TIME’s photo department presents the best images of the week.

2011 in Review

I spent a lot of 2011 traveling, being a bit of a vagabond in different places.

During January, February and half of March I was in Colombia. I discovered fantastic artists and took a ton of pictures, none of which have been properly scanned. The negatives have been sitting with a friend in New York since late March. Eventually, I’ll get to them.

3 guys in Bosa, Bogotá, February 2011

After Colombia, I went to the Peruvian Amazonian city of Iquitos. I spent just over a month there photographing people and places. I’m pretty happy with the work I did so far there and, in fact, I’m planning on going back there in just a few weeks. I’ve been sitting on the photos because I’m not sure what direction the work will ultimately take. Here’s a few pictures that I’ve uploaded to flickr so far:

Iquitos, Peru

Iquitos, Peru

Diego in Iquitos, Peru

I returned to Buenos Aires in late May, mostly to finish my Ochava Solstice project. I was a lot more methodical this year (see post), and set myself a goal of 50 street corners for the whole series.

Preparing to photograph a corner for my Ochava Solstice project

In the end I think I got about 60-something corners, which I then edited down to 49. I even published a little dummy book on blurb, which is really cool to have and to hold.

Ochava Solstice dummy book

Meanwhile I continued to work on another series, Riverbank | Barranca, which I started in 2010 and published on my site this year. It was just featured on the blog, New Landscape Photography.

Riverbank | Barranca

I also continued to add slowly to my collection of Chalets and Contrafrente views.

Since last year I’ve been thinking about pursuing an MFA. While the classes and workshops I have been doing in Argentina have been great, I’ve been feeling that I’d be well-served by spending a couple of years of intense study in North America. To that end, I was just on a six week road trip in the US visiting schools. I covered 8000 miles in just under a month, driving from LA to Boston and back again. I’d like to say it was epic but traveling in the US is kinda easy. There were days when I woke up at dawn and drove for 12 or 13 hours straight, subsisting on junk food, podcasts and 5-hour energy drinks. Those days were my favorites.

West Texas

I’m super-excited about 2012; the travels that I have coming up and the mystery about where I will end-up come August.

Franco Verdoia – Las Varillas de Frente

You probably know by now that I’m a sucker for pictures of houses. Naturally I love Franco Verdoia’s series, Las Varillas de Frente, which shows whimsical suburban homes in the city of Las Varillas in the Argentine province of Cordoba.

Franco Verdoia – Las Varillas de Frente

Franco Verdoia – Las Varillas de Frente

Franco Verdoia – Las Varillas de Frente

The photos above are from the website 13 Fotografos, which features work from, you guessed it, thirteen photographers in Argentina.

Also, here’s some previous posts with pictures of houses: Gabriel Diaz – Formas de Vida, Pablo Adarme – Cake Houses [Colombia], German Ruiz – Conurbano & Dogs, Sebastian Friedman – Segurisimos, Martin Rubini’s Enanos, and Marino Balbuena – Casas

Kahn & Selesnick at Galería MÜ

Lake of Dreams, 2003. © Kahn & Selesnick


Exhibition on view:
September 3–October 1, 2011

Galería MÜ:
Carrera 4A #26B-29, L. 202
Casona de San Miguel, Colombia
+57 1 282-0496

The works of Kahn & Selesnick will be exhibited in the group show SUEÑOS SALADOS (Salt Dreams) at the Galería MÜ, Colombia’s first gallery dedicated solely to photography. The exhibit explores the imaginative and mythological world photographers like Kahn & Selesnick create. The collaborative duo have published three books with Aperture:  Scotlandfuturebog, City of Salt, and The Apollo Prophecies.


Photographer #321: Ruven Afanador

Ruven Afanador, 1959, Colombia, is a fashion and portrait photographer who also focuses on personal projects. In 2009 he released the book Mil Besos, a collection of images of Flamenco dansers from Southern Spain. Strong, fearless and fierce women of various generations are portrayed in high-contrast black and white photographs, twisting pre-conceived notions of beauty. The book Sombra contains images using nineteenth century techniques of erotic male nudes in poses inspired by classical ballet. Ruven has seen a vast amount of celebrities in front of his lens, from Britney Spears to Al Pacino. His fashion shoots are larger than life, creating fantastical, dreamy, classy and powerful imagery. The following images come from the book Mil Besos, his portfolio Celebrity and the book Sombra.

Website: www.ruvenafanador.com

Photographer #314: Arnau Blanch Vilageliu

Arnau Blanch Vilageliu, 1983, is a Spanish documentary photographer who lives and works between Spain and Colombia. He studied photography at the Institut d’Estudis Fotografics de Catalunya. He completed a six month internship at WpN in New York and participated at two workshops at ICP in documentary photography. In his hometown Barcelona he delved into the world of sex. It is a search for human identity, exploring a range of people who’s lives are dominated by sex. In gritty and dark images he shows us people who might use sex as a way of expression and others who need it as a means of survival. Shadows of Paradise is made in Colombia. Arnau shows us the darkness in a place that might, due to the lucious color of the jungle, look like a paradise at first glance. Arnau’s narrative photography is raw and instinctive. The following images come from !SEX!, Shadows of Paradise and Untitled Document.

Website: www.arnaublanch.com

Photographer #285: Kosuke Okahara

Kosuke Okahara, 1980, Japan, is a photojournalist who has been covering stories around the world since 2003. He made many photographs throughout the years in Colombia, dealing with drug wars and the drug business, journeys of illigal migrants to the USA, the harsh emerald minig business and the ordinary life of a Colombian hitman amongst others. Besides Colombia Kosuke has traveled from South Africa to France, Sudan to Burma and China to most recently Libya. Stories of self mutilating girls in Japan, the protests in Thailand and abandoned leprosy villages in China are all in his large portfolio. He received several awards and grants and has exhibited his work throughout Europe and Asia. His work has been published in many of the leading magazines and newspapers. The following images come from the current civil war in Libya and the stories Almost Paradise (Colombia – Mexico) and Rebels on the Edge (Burma).



Website: www.kosukeokahara.com