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L E N S C R A T C H 2012-01-01 12:35:00

Winky Lewis, luke on the stairs, 2011, isle au haut, ME

Thomas Krueger, Hiding Serena © 2011, Mee Kwa Mooks Park, Seattle, WA

Vivian Keulards, Dear Noortje from 80439, Evergreen, CO

Kate Fowler, Mack Wolford,
Pastor of a Signs Following church in West Virginia
, Jolo, West Virginia

Elizabeth Opalenik, JoJo as Maillol statue, Lake Powell 2011.

Eileen Henry, Convervenge, Rochester, NY

Noelle Swan Gilbert, Meat Market, Beijing, China, 2011

Lisa Boughter, Untitled, from Souvenirs, Philadelphia, PA

Marla Bane, Some of My Favorite Things, Texas, Florida, New Jersey, Washington

Lisa Brockman, The Family, Kompong Kleang, Cambodia

Yelena Zhavoronkova, “in” from “Dead End” series, San Francisco, Golden Gate Park, Summer of 2011

Robert Norbury, Terry at Dent Music and Beer Festival, in the Yorkshire Dales, England. (Shot from the hip through the pocket of my rain poncho)

Rania Matar, Maryam 13, from La Femme-Enfant, Beirut 2011

Julia Schiller, Miniature concrète, Paris

Jon Horvath, Wisconsin Dells, WI (from Wide Eyed), Wisconsin Dells, WI

Jeffrey Goggin, The Policeman Cometh, 16th Street & Glendale Road, Phoenix, AZ

Josh Hobson, Ferry Passengers, Victoria BC

Troy Colby, The Struggle for flight, Beloit, KS

John Goldsmith, Underground Bar, Sydney, Australia

Tom Leininger, Umbrellas, Dallas, Texas

John Neel, Priest, Leroy, New York

Zelda Zinn, Toro, Santa Monica, CA

Ruth Dudley-Carr, Resignation, Quincy, MA

Ernie Button, Spoonbills, Orlando, Florida

Karen Carson, California in January, Santa Barbara, CA

Timothy Hyde, Metro Center, Downtown, Washington, DC

Lis Bailly, Morning Mist, Victoria BC Canada

Barry Steven Greff, A Moment to Remember, South Beach, FL 2011

Deborah Hally, How we Know, Newcastle, Australia

Oliver Weber, The Saints – Polaroid (SX 70 Alpha 1), La Gomera, Canary Islands, Spain

Leba Marquez, Tattoo Baby, Questa, New Mexico

Javier Sánchez, City subway tunnel, Mexico City

Claire Mallett, Speakeasy Beauty, Florence Italy

Chere Pafford, Man In The Sky, Santa Rosa, Ca,USA

Lewis Francis, Claw, Butte Lake, Lassen Volcanic National Park, CA

Sabrina Lau, Polaroid Portrait, Berlin, Germany

Jim Barnard, Formidable Beauty, Madison WI

Jim Marx, My new backyard, Crestline, CA

Paris Visone, Paige, Dior and Anthony, Peabody, MA 2011

The Lenscratch Summer Exhibition

Ah summer…4th of July BBQ’s, a dip in the pool, time slowed down. I have to say that living in Los Angeles is sort of year round summer–the lure of the ocean, an afternoon in the sun is not what I think of when June, July, and August roll around. To me, summer is a lake on the east coast, packing a suitcase, and cocktails on a dock. The image below is of my godson, Roy, participating in an annual tradition of the summer purchase and reading of some meaningful literature–literature that I notice everyone in the house at some point, sprawls out on a couch and reads.

Aline Smithson, Inquiring Minds, Longpond, MA

Happy Summer! Thank you for your submissions. It’s terrific to have submissions from all over the world, celebrating this time of year. Please submit to future Lenscratch calls…Visual Pranks and Puns is due August 15th, School Days is due September 1st, and Masks, Costumes, and Halloween is due October 24th. Think about making some work to fit these themes and who knows where it will take you! And now, here’s to a great summer with cameras in hand…..


James Friedman, © 2011 Summer Solstice, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Valery Rizzo, Pool Party, Crown Heights, Brooklyn

Steven C. De La Cruz, A Great Bite, My bedroom, Los Angeles, CA

Lauren Henkin, Summer, Nova Scotia, Canada

Dave Jordano, Woman Sleeping in a Parking Lot, Detroit, MI 2010

Ruben Natal-San Miguel, Pride Lemonade Stand Without Prejudice, 2011, NYC

Magali Duzant, Alice; One Way or Another, Pittsburgh, PA

Carolyn Hampton, Little red fish, Montecito, California, August 2009

Alex Nelson, Mom and Moe in the pool, Orvieto, Italy July 2010

Sarah Hadley, Fire, Indian Lake, Indian Lake, Ohio

Warren Harold, Snorkel, Houston, TX

Claire Mallett, Sunbather, Venice Beach, CA

Maura Brennan, The Deep End, Los Angeles, CA

Linda Plaisted, Luna Park,

Richard Allen Ashmore, Childhood, 2010, Telluride, Colorado

Susan Wides, Sheeps’s Meadow, July 2, 2007, Central Park, Sheep’s Meadow, NYC

Nikki Gardner, Cousins, Papoose Lake, Heath, Massachusetts

Constance Hobbs, Summers Fence, The Swordfish Club, West Hampton Beach, NY

Matilde Soligno, Late Summer, Strait of Messina, Italy

Bea Fresno, Dutch Summer, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Rudy Ramos, Mid-Air, Cork, Ireland

Yoichi Nagata, Boe and Tupa, Tuvalu

Zeb Andrews, Salmon Street Springs, 8 seconds, Salmon Street Springs fountain in downtown Portland, Oregon

Ali Donnelly, Luna Moth, Durham, NC

Colin Aherne, A New Summer, Mallow, Co. Cork

Jason Reblando, Parade, Greendale, Wisconsin, from the series New Deal Utopias

Laura Burlton, Seaweed, Galveston, TX

Balazs Sprenc, I wanna go back, Szigetbecse (Hungary)

Sylvia de Swaan, Espejismo/Mirage, Moose River, The Adirondacks, New York State Summer 2001

Patricia A. Bender, Ella (19), Lake Michigan

Vito Pasquale, 13 feet 3 inches, New York

Katya Evdokimova, Reflection, Hyde Park, London, UK

Christin Boggs, Crocs in the Greenhouse, Mud Creek Farm, Victor, NY

Jim Marx, Cousins, California

Gerry Smith, Coloour my World, Dublin, Ireland

Consuelo Mendez, Reinaldo’s summer, Lake of Maracaibo, Venezuela

Aaron Hobson, Chartreuse Nights, Adirondacks, USA

Joanna Black, Scotland on the beach, Edinburgh, Scotland

Susan A. Barnett, BYE, from the series “Not In Your Face”2011, Coney Island, NY

The Large Format Group, Bigfoot, Alsea, OR

Sabrina Lau, Dream Ship, Warnemünde, Germany

Bernd Reinhardt, Fourth of July, Oceanside, CA, 2010

Jeff Friesen, Waterborne, Kejimkujik National Park, Nova Scotia, Canada

Jack Nelson (photo taken by my father Jack Nelson), Waterman’s Lake, Rhode Island, 1958, Rhode Island

Marilyn Sanders, Surfers Greet Baby Seal, Hermosa, Beach, CA

David Westrop, Taking the time, Vancouver, Canada

Keith Prue, Coney Island, New York – 2011

John Neel, Floating Man, Florida

Suzanne Revy, Waves, 2010, Plum Island, MA

Natasha D’Schommer, Park Pool, Minneapolis, MN

Gordon Street, Brighton, MA

Monica Denevan, Pendulum, Burma 2007

Ken Rosenthal, 4 July, 2010 , Colville, WA

Steven Keirstead, Cool Summer Day, East Blue Hill Maine, MMVIII

Russell duPont, Nantasket Beach #1, Hull, MA

shāna, Levitating, Huntington, NY

Paul Romaniuk, That Summer at the Lake, Victoria, BC

Jamie Johnson, Betty, Topanga Canyon, CA

Jim Brammer, Paradise Found, Acapulco, Mexico

Jessica Tremp, the idea was to terrify but not touch, Goldfields Victoria Australia

Gina Kelly, Denali’s Favorite Toy, Minneapolis, MN

Anne Berry, Crab, Cumberland Island, GA, 2011

Liz Devine, Pool float, El Paso, TX at a hotel pool

Jon Kersey, Alice, Scott’s Valley, CA

Tabitha Soren, Action Off the Field, Modesto, California

Martin Cox, Ambiguity in front of the manor house (after Manet) June 2011, The Great Hall, Northern England

Katie Shapiro, Boy on rock, Tahoe, Lake Tahoe

Jason Hynes, Americano, York, U.K.

Kimi Kolba, Bask, Oregon

Michael Werner, Summer Sale, Forster NSW, from the series Greater Lakes, Forster, Australia

Jeremy Chandler, Spring Divers, Branford, FL

Laurie McCormick, Summer on the Cape Cape Cod, MA imagined

Kevin Messina, Fishing, Belgrade, Maine

Silke Hase, Männer! , Island in the River near Hamburg Germany

Rina Shapira, Tandem, Summer 2010, Venice Beach, CA

Jane Gottlieb, Malibu Hills, wide-lux shot in Malibu Hills 30 years ago,
recently scanned & photoshop enhanced

Mike E. Spitz, Fishing Time, Ohio

Kristianne Koch, Bathers From the Pier, San Clemente Pier looking toward Cottons Point

Louise Daddona, Goggles, Boca Raton, Florida

Emma Powell, Where I Leaned to Ice Skate, Middlebury, VT

Jim Robertson, Fountain Heads, Columbus, Ohio

Greg Zauswoz, Summer Keeps Fading, Wollongong, NSW, Australia

David Ranc, Bergamholidays, Bergamo, Italy

Isa Leshko, Dangling Legs from Thrills & Chills, Cedar Point Amusement Park in Sandusky, OH

Jessica Tampas, JPLobsang, Lakeside, MI

Amber J. Anderson, Hampshire Road Community Garden, 2010, Cleveland Heights, Ohio

Panos Lambrou, Beach Soccer, Cadiz, Spain

Chuck Mintz, Kid/Legs, Ocean City, MD

Alek Lindus, svala beach, Samos, Greece

Kati Mennett, Sparkler, Sandwich, MA

Roland Jackson, Billy, Burlington (Secret Spot)

Francisco Arcaute, Fair, San Bernardino, CA

Cynthia Wood, Night Swimming, Palm Springs, CA

David Miller, Glass Olive + Fish, Redondo Beach, CA

Larry Torno, Pink Hydrangea, St. Louis, Missouri

Erin Tyner, Wake, Atlanta,GA

Christy Karpinski, Untitled (iris), Minneapolis, MN

Mark Eaton, The Race, Namyul Beach in South Korea

Janet L. Pritchard, August, Rhode Island

Winky Lewis, Harry at the drive-in, Saco, ME

Bill Chapman, Fan, Fenway Park, Boston, MA

Walter Beckham, Pool, Gulf Shores, AL

Michael Younker, Duel, Savannah, GA

Tamar Levine, Little Boxes, Los Angeles, CA

Robert Bright, Raining down on me, Latigo Shore Drive, Malibu, CA

Andi Schreiber, Fast Forward, Scarsdale, NY

Bjarte Edvardsen, The Rhubarb Pie Day, Ålgård, Norway

Robbie Kaye, Boy in the Sand, Los Angeles, CA

Donna Rosser, Peachtree Road Race Girl, Atlanta, GA — Peachtree Road Race July 4, 2010

Fran Forman, The Lost Sailor, Wellfleet, Massachusetts, and my imagination

Christopher Mellevold, Gracie, Willamsport, PA

Sharon Johnson-Tennant, Seagull, Block Island, Rhode Island

Suzanne Harrison, Karolina, Ludza, Latvia

Kent Krugh, Child and Ocean, Folly Beach, South Carolina

Marjorie Salvaterra, Uncle Dan’s Beach House, Malibu, CA

Mitch Karunaratne, From the Escape series, London

Meagan Cignoli, Ana and the Volcano, Iceland

Danielle Kelly, The Chase, Outer Banks of North Carolina

Mark Lozier, Uncertain Times, 42St New York City

Magali Duzant, Alice; One Way or Another, Pittsburgh, PA

Pekka Nikrus, The Legs Of Summer, Helsinki, Finland

Julien Marie, Longing…, Plage des Chevrets, Saint-Coulomb, France

Valery Rizzo, Pin-up girls, Coney Island, Brooklyn

Marla Bane, Bane Family, Atlantic Beach Club
Learning to swim at the Atlantic Beach Club outside NYC (maybe Queens or Brooklyn) circa 1956 with my wonderful family. It was the kind of place you can imagine from the 1950’s and that movie whose name I forget that takes place in one of these archetypal beach clubs outside on NYC on the Atlantic during this time. We had a cabana for the summer. The women played mah jongg. The men played gin. The woman tried to out dress each other. The men wore hats. Everyone ate a lot of food and I remember gales of laughter. Whatever happened to bathing caps? Me in front. L-R: my maternal grandfather Jack Levine, my aunt Sara Solove Podair, my mother Lois Bane Ross, my father Sylvan Bane, my uncle Ruben Solove and my maternal grandmother Beatrice Levine. This is what I did for a few summers before I started going to overnight night in the Pocono’s. It was heaven. The world most certainly has changed.

The Next: L.A. Photographers 2011

In conjunction with the Grand Opening of the new The Julia Dean Photo Workshops in Hollywood this Saturday, March 26th, two exhibitions will be on hand to greet the guests. The first reception is for Berenice Abbott Winner Christopher Capozziello’s award winning project, For God, Race and Country, and the second is an exhibition of emerging Los Angeles photographers, The Next: L.A. Photographers 2011. The openings are from 7-10pm and it should be a packed house.

Image by Christopher Capozziello

The Next: L.A. Photographers 2011 is a group show featuring the work of emerging Southern California photographers who have been developing their unique and personal visions in contemporary photography. The exhibition features the work of 11 photographers: Ashly Stohl, Bob Bright, Carolyn A. Hampton, Claire Mallett, Dan Shepherd, Lisa Bevis, Shawn Robinson, Stacey Rebekah Scott, Stella S. Lee, Steven C. De La Cruz and Aline Smithson.

Nostalgia, childhood, finding beauty in the mundane, connections with nature and exploring the world around us are the themes that occupy their images. They tell stories of power and weakness, sadness and joy, confusion and clarity. Whether it be through landscape, portraiture, narrative or abstraction the photographers in this exhibition offer a fresh point of view into their respective genres.

Ashly Stohl’s First 2 Hours Free explores the unremarkable corners of parking structures; places we pass on our way to somewhere else, but never really see. The series looks to alter our impressions of these places as cold, gray, and utilitarian, in order to see warm saturated walls of color, and splashes of shadow and light. Her goal is to change the way we walk through our lives, finding beauty in the gritty and mundane details of daily life.

Claire Mallett’s series Wildcat Nudes is an exploration of the female form within the intricate dance between light and shadow. It is a study of not only tone but of texture. This series looks at the nuances of skin against the complexities of nature. The collection of fine art nudes was shot at Edward Weston’s Estate on Wildcat Hill in Carmel, California. By combining a contemporary sensibility with her deep seated love of the classical styling’s of Man Ray, George Hurrell and of course Edward Weston, she created her own voice and vision of the female form.

Lisa Bevis’ work Dog Day Afternoon is part of her ongoing “MYOPIC” series. Her use of forced blur and bright whites eliminates specific details and creates an illustrative effect that enables the viewer to just enjoy the emotion of her images.

Robert Bright’s series, Signs, captures the heyday of classic business signage, reflecting a period of Los Angeles architecture when graphics and neon were the celebrated standard. These iconic signs stand as symbols of Los Angeles history when humor, hope, and Hollywood glitz elevated even the smallest venues. Besides their unique personalities, Robert shows the detail, workmanship and condition of these passing icons of L.A. culture.

Steven C. De La Cruz’s series Within Plastic, is a glimpse of the inner struggle, pain, happiness, confidence and vulnerability behind the manufactured smile. It is a revelation of the artist and an offbeat solution of unmasking one’s true sentiments. Through twisted beauty and captivating sorrow, we can now take a glimpse of what’s behind the counterfeit veil.

The Remnants of Past series is based on the exploration of a recurring dream in abandoned and allegedly haunted spaces in Los Angeles. Carolyn A. Hampton used intensely personal artifacts that have been passed down through generations of her family, and shot the images digitally during several visits to Linda Vista Hospital and Sybil Brand prison. Bringing a particular nightmare to life on film can be an empowering way to conquer fears. Perhaps an image resonates with the viewer because he or she has experienced similar night terrors? Many of us are captivated by the same things, either subconsciously or consciously, because of our shared human experience.

Dan Shepherd’s, Draw Me A Tree, asks the viewer if we remember when we had a stubby crayon in our hands and happily scrawled out our houses, our cats, a blue sky with the sun up in the corner and a tree in the yard? One of the few artistic endeavors that we all have in common is drawing a tree and with this ongoing project Dan will explore our connection to nature by asking people to Draw Me a Tree. But not just any tree, Dan is asking people to partner with him and illustrate the trees that have had some impact in their lives. Draw Me a Tree will help show how intrinsically connected to nature we are through a series of visual tree stories that can be found everywhere in our yards, parks, gardens, forests, and streets.

In Los Angeles, the beach is a stage and the Shoreline series reflects the countless scenes of life waiting to be captured. Stella S. Lee seeks out split seconds of a typical beach day and at the same time strives to portray a sense of timelessness through the use of a Holga camera. From bikini competitions to frolicking along the water’s edge, these photographs document the
inhabitants of today to be eternally memorialized amongst the sun, surf and sand.

Stacey Rebekah Scott’s interest in photographing fire dancers came from the desire to document women who explore unconventional ways of life and expression. Dancing With Fire is an analogy for controlling the uncontrollable, taming that which by nature is wild and unpredictable. What was initially just a simple exploration into photographing subjects at night has turned into a full documentary series on the culture of fire dancing, telling a story of intrigue, beauty, danger and art.

Shawn Robinson’s project, The Light Through Which We All Grow, looks at a society where people spend untold sums of money to look the same, cosmetic surgery is booming, and in every direction we look the norm is encouraged and celebrated. The Light Through Which We All Grow, is an ongoing series of portraits investigating what it means to be unique and how that fits into the world today.

Aline Smithson’s Converging Narratives is a series about the relationship of connected imagery and the new conversation that juxtaposed photographs create. This fusion begins a unique narrative that is a convergence of ideas and associations, open to personal interpretation. The result is something completely separate from the original intent of the image making.