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Pictures of the Week, January 6 – January 13

From violence in Syria to the New Hampshire Republican primary and Uttar Pradesh’s giant stone elephant statues, TIME’s photo department presents the best images of the week.

Alejandra Prieto – Jardín Satélite

On my way to Peru, I stopped in Santiago de Chile. I asked an acquaintence there if he could recommend any local artists, which is how I discovered Alejandra Prieto. The images below are stills from a short video showing houses in the upscale neighborhood of Jardín Satélite in Santiago.

Alejandra Prieto – Jardín Satélite

Alejandra Prieto – Jardín Satélite

Alejandra Prieto – Jardín Satélite

The punchline of the video is that these homes could be from any gated community in Chatsworth or Woodland Hills. I’m reminded a bit of Catherine Opie’s photographs of homes in Bel Air. Santiago already shares a climate and topography very similar to that of Southern California. Furthermore Chilean real estate developers, have worked hard to meticulously recreate the look and feel of wealthy North American suburbs here in the south.

Bruno Dubner at MAMBA (Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires)

A last post for 2011 and maybe a last post from Argentina for awhile as I’m now traveling in Chile and soon to head to Peru again. On my penultimate day in Buenos Aires I visted a small show of photographs by Bruno Dubner at the MAMBA [great name]. The work is called Ajeno, which means foreign, distinct or alien. The show consists of a long line of about 30 photographs of sidewalk views, looking down and to the side, usually depicting different sorts of entry ways in the more urbanized neighborhoods of Buenos Aires.

Ajeno – Bruno Dubner

Bruno Dubner – Ajeno

There’s a brochure with a long, fancy text that’s beyond my skills in Spanish and, probably, my English too, if it were translated. Beyond the conceptual conceit of the work, I appreciate the photos for evoking the urban skin of Buenos Aires. The photos themselves are simple and unpretentious, shot with a 35mm camera and printed small but lusciously [C-prints!]. There’s an overall chromatic harmony within the work and an obsessive attention to certain details, like the near total exclusion of litter, graffiti, or any sort of text–something that becomes clear when viewing the full series. Unfortunately the work isn’t on Dubner’s site just yet [although do check it out as he’s got some other interesting work].

The installation of the show is also nicely done, echoing the composition of the photographs themselves.

Bruno Dubner at MAMBA

I totally stole all these photos from a post on the website Juanele, about this show. I’d go over and read that as well because the writer, Gabriela Schevach, delves more into the conceptual elements of the work and knows her stuff!