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Stephen Chalmers, Baby with tractor at Sunset (vandalized Cerney/Sun Kim sculpture)

Stephen Chalmers, Baby with tractor at Sunset (vandalized Cerney/Sun Kim sculpture)

Stephen Chalmers

Baby with tractor at Sunset (vandalized Cerney/Sun Kim sculpture),
Phoenix, 2009
From the Transience series
Website – StephenChalmers.com

Stephen Chalmers has worked as a Lead Treatment Counselor to severely emotionally disturbed children, worked as an Emergency Medical Technician, and taught gang children photography – informing his projects which deal with issues of loss. He has also been a contributor to five books, and has been in group and solo exhibitions throughout the U.S. and also in Australia, Ireland, British Columbia, Thailand, England, South Africa, and China. Chalmers earned his MFA in Cinema and Photography from Southern Illinois University, served as the Northwest Regional Chair for the Society for Photographic Education for two terms, was professor in the state of Washington for eight years and is currently a professor of Photography at Youngstown State University in Ohio. His work is in several collections including the Museum of Contemporary Photography, Light Work, Polaroid, and the Getty Research Institute.

Christopher Anderson

Christian Anderson is a humanist and an artist all rolled into one terrific photographer. He is widely known for his editorial and advertising work, but has a host of book projects, including Son, featured below. Christian will be teaching a workshop at the LOOK3 Festival of the Photograph in Charlottesville from June 4-9th, and if you are inclined, it looks like a wonderful opportunity to learn from someone who wants to help photographers grow and discover meaning in their work.

Born in British Columbia, Christopher spent his early years in Texas, where his father was a preacher, before moving to New York City and then Paris. He began working at newspapers including Dallas Morning News and a small Colorado newspaper. In 1996, he became a contract photographer for U.S. News and World Report . He would go on to spend the next several years photographing extensively in conflict zones such as Iraq, Afghanistan and Lebanon including following the first company of American soldiers to enter Baghdad in 2003. Later that year he published his first monograph, Nonfiction.

“In 2004, Anderson began following the “revolution” of Hugo Chavez in Venezuela. This work would become his second book, Capitolio (published in 2009) and is the culmination of four years of photographs. He joined the VII Agency in 2002, and became a Magnum nominee in 2005 and member in 2010. He has served as a contract photographer for Newsweek magazine since 2005. He lives in New York with his son and wife.”

Images from Son