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Brighton Photo Fringe Photo Stroll Part Two – Richard Glynn, PhotoVoice and Brighton ArtsFORUM 2.0 with Farnham student Catherine Symons

Welcome to the second part in Catherine Symons’ Photo Stroll on the press view for Brighton Photo Fringe 2012.


Richard Glynn – Lost Waltz. Photos © Catherine Symons.

Situated on the North Lawn, St Peter’s Church is this intriguing outdoor exhibition by Richard Glynn, a Wideyed exhibition curated by Human Endeavour.

In 1869 Josephine Bowes and her husband decided to make a grand house, which was also designed to be a place for their large artwork collection to be shared with the people of Teesdale, County Durham. However, the Bowes didn’t live to see the completion of this project, and although some rooms were open to the public, some were incomplete.

“The images are of a space in transition; an unfulfilled dream about to find new life, but tinged with the stillness and sadness of what might have once been.” From Wideyed website.

There is something captivating about this exhibition. There is the busy traffic of Brighton all around, and yet, encapsulated within the lawn, is the stillness of the subjects in these photographs. On until 18 November.


PhotoVoice, Having Our Say Too. Photos © Catherine Symons.

PhotoVoice is an organisation which was set up to encourage and allow people from socially excluded groups to express themselves through photography and story telling.

The exhibition is currently displayed in one of the Photo Fringe’s hub spots – The Redroaster café. Showcased work is from a two-year project working with young people from around the UK who have been sexually exploited.

Many of the participants had never used a camera before so PhotoVoice set up  workshops. What was so apparent, when talking with the young people about the work they made, was how much it helped them and how much they enjoyed working with PhotoVoice and photography. “It gave me something to focus on and I would definitely like to continue with photography.”

The hard-hitting subject of the images displayed in this busy café highlight how this is an every day occurrence and one that should not be ignored.

Over the next year, PhotoVoice will deliver three more projects and combine them to make a DVD. This DVD will be a resource for practitioners working with young people, supported by The National Working Group for Sexually Exploited Children and Young People. Ended 20 October.

Brighton ArtsFORUM 2.0

Female Fighters, Amelie Shepherd. Photos © Catherine Symons.

Brighton Media Centre hosted a selection of work from Brighton ArtsFORUM facilitators and presenters as part of Brighton Photo Fringe.

Artists include Murray Ballard, Peter Bennett, Martin Everett, John Ferguson, Emer Gillespie, Fiona Harvey, Beatrice Haverich, Julia Horbaschk, Vanessa Jones, Catherine Larré, John Mallett, Jacqueline McCullough, Ellen Montelius, James Reid, Amelia Shepherd, Mariya Ustymenko and James Withey.

Brighton ArtsFORUM aims to facilitate and support critical debate, where artists can articulate and discuss the concerns of their work in progress.

Included in the exhibition is photographer Amelia Shepherd with her series Female Fighters. Portraits of female fighters are presented alongside audio interviews on a video screen. The women have all been documented in the moments straight after fighting or sparring. The idea behind Amelia’s work came from her own participation within the sport, as she comments upon misconceptions of female fighters. Ended 17 October.

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Brighton Photo Fringe 2012 – Blind Field presents Origins of Encounter until 21 October

Blind Field are showing Origins of Encounter at the Phoenix Brighton until Sunday 21 October as part of the Brighton Fringe 2012. The artists involved are Joan Alexander, Luke AR Hamblin and Louise Maher, all of whom, according to the press release, “examine notions of the encounter in relation to place, narrative and the photograph”.

© Joan Alexander – Study V – Facing North Window – 60 Minutes

Joan Alexander
“Alexander’s work explores the margins of inscription and projection, the unacknowledged spectra between positive and negative. Alexander is interested in the ‘latent image’. A visual in waiting, from between times, like the line between shadow and light; the line, like a map, is always a metaphor. Alexander’s practice immerses the viewer within a passage of time through an encounter with the movement and interruption of light. Her projections create a space where the viewer must pass through lines of light drawing attention to their presence. The correlation between printed and projected material asks for a closer examination creating awareness to the tangible and intangible nature of her practice.”

© Luke AR Hamblin – A study of still life. Sunflowers

Luke AR Hamblin
“Hamblin is interested in the way in which photography enables us to dissect the world and pull it apart. For Hamblin making photographic pictures is about assembling a Cast of characters, analysing their poses, placing them in the picture frame. Hamblin has developed a complex process of picture-making, exploring the role of perception and portrayal in our engagement with ‘place’. His series Studies for a theory of the Epic Photograph encourages us to think about how simple aspects of pose and gesture can embody whole narrative worlds. Drawing on references from early twentieth century modes of portrayal: theatre, cinema and painting, Hamblin’s photographs offer the viewer undisclosed narratives to decipher and re-construct.”

© Louise Maher – Old Head, Kinsale 2006-2012

Louise Maher
“Maher’s practice concentrates upon the inextricable relationship we have to our environment. By focusing on everyday expressions of this connection, she explores perceptions of the encounter. Maher’s approach stems from an appreciation of the historical development of street photography, yet it is also influenced by a typological approach. She values the photograph’s capacity to simultaneously document and picture the world. Her photographic series’ unite aspects of spontaneity and formalization to create a visual language that presents the viewer with space to translate.” From the press release.

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Photo Prize Round-Up — 05.31.12

PhoozL (With Joel Meyerowitz) (deadline: June 4, 2012, 11:59 pm EST)

History> The inauguration of a recurring “super-judged” photo contest run by the photography education and entertainment site PhoozL, which features assignments, critiques, competitions and more, created by Harald Johnson.

Concept> Legendary photographer Joel Meyerowitz, author of the monograph Legacy, will judge images pertaining to the theme “Seeing the Light.” In this video, he explains that he’s looking for “something surprising, something unexpected, some ordinary event that becomes extraordinary because the light changes it in just such a way.”

Details> No processing/editing or capture date restrictions. Grand Prize Winner receives a priceless one-on-one review of their photography by Joel Meyerowitz himself. Second-Place Prize is a Course Technology PRT Free Book Certificate or voucher redeemable here. Third-Place Prize is a one-year gift subscription to Aperture magazine. 

How To Apply> Entry is FREE to members (18+) registered with the website. Submit up to five (5) photos relating to the theme online by June 4, 2012, 12:59 pm EST.

Brighton Photo Fringe OPEN 2012 (deadline: June 4, 2012, 5:00 pm BST)

History> Every two years, Brighton Photo Fringe co-ordinates a city-wide festival of exhibitions and events in partnership with Brighton Photo Biennial, supporting photographers and lens-based artists and showcasing the best of current photographic practice.

Concept> Emerging-to-midcareer artists, currently living or working in the UK are invited to submit any lens-based work that has not yet been exhibited anywhere in the UK for a solo exhibition opportunity at Brighton Photo Fringe.

Details> Clare Grafik, Adam Broomberg, Oliver Chanarin, and Susanna Brown are judging the work. In addition to a high profile solo exhibition, winners receive a £500 artist’s fee, a production budget and travel expenses within the UK. 

How To Apply> Entry fee is £15 per submission. Email a link to up to 20 images in JPEG format at 72 dpi, along with details of the production of submitted work, a statement of up to 500 words about the work, a statement of up to  250 words about how the work will be presented, and an artist’s CV by June 4, 2012, 5:00 pm BST.

Photo Levallois 2012 (deadline: June 9, 2012, 11:59 pm GMT +2)

History> As part of the Photo Levallois Festival, which will take place in October and November 2012, the city of Levallois will be awarding a photography prize to support young international contemporary creation, and discover and promote new talents.

Concept> Photographers under 35 years of age are invited to submit new work of any contemporary photographic process which has not been previously exhibited or published.

Details> The panel of judges consisting of five personalities from the art world including one representative of the city of Levallois, meet in June 2012 and announce the winner the same day. First prize winners are awarded a sum of €10,000 and the opportunity to exhibit their work during the Photo Levallois Festival at L’Escale Gallery.

How To Apply> To submit, download the full rules and regulations, and mail in at least 15 photographs consistent in content and form of presentation, along with a supporting letter up to 1000 words, a letter of recommendation, and a signed copy of the regulations by June 9, 2012, 12:59 pm GMT +2.

Center Forward: International Call For Entries (deadline: June 20, 2012, 11:59 pm MDT)

History> Founded in 2004, The Center for Fine Art Photography in Fort Collins, CO is a nonprofit organization supported by donations, grants, and memberships. With offices, classrooms, and two galleries, the Center provides ongoing juried exhibitions of fine art photography by artists from around the world.

Concept> Photography’s “ability to capture our cultural changes, the environments we inhabit, and the thoughts we keep play[s] a vital role in giving us greater insights into our world and ourselves. In the 2012 Center Forward exhibit we are interested in exploring this unique quality of photography, therefore the theme is open and all subject matter is welcome.”

Details> Fine art photography gallery Directors Ann M. Jastrab and Hamidah Glasgow select work to be exhibited in the Center’s Main Gallery exhibition, Online Gallery exhibition, and Print Catalog. Two artists selected by the jurors will also receive $425 each along with a LiveBooks Website award valued at $399.

How To Apply> Entry is $20 for the first three images for members, $35 for non-members. Each additional image (unlimited) may be submitted for $10 a piece.  Download the upload guidelines and submit online by June 20, 2012, 11:59 pm MDT.