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Overseas Press Club Award Winners Announced

The Overseas Press Club of America has just announced the winners of its annual awards. LightBox presents the work of the photojournalists who were honored by the OPC, and who will be further recognized tonight at the organization’s gala.

The Robert Capa Gold Medal Award for “photographic reporting from abroad requiring exceptional courage and enterprise” went to André Liohn (EPA/Prospekt) for Almost Dawn in Libya. Read more about the project here on LightBox.

The Olivier Rebbot Award for “best photographic reporting from abroad in magazines or books” went to David Guttenfelder (AP) for his work in Japan. Read more about Guttenfelder’s work here on LightBox. Sebastian Liste (Getty) and TIME’s Yuri Kozyrev (Noor) received citations for their work.

The John Faber Award for “best photographic reporting from abroad in newspapers or news services” went to Pete Muller (AP) for his work in Eastern Congo. Muller was also named 2011 Wire Photographer of the Year by LightBox; read more about his work here. David Guttenfelder received a citation for his work.

The Feature Photography Award went to David Guttenfelder for his work inside North Korea. Todd Heisler (The New York Times) and Stephanie Sinclair (VII) also received citations.

The Overseas Press Club has, since 1939, been an association of journalists working in the United States and around the world. Read more about the organization here.

HSBC Photography Award Winners announced in Paris

An exhibition of this year’s HSBC Award winners, Alinka Echeverria and Zhang Xiao, recently opened at Galerie Baudoin Lebon in Paris. Echeverria’s The Road to Tepeyac, a series on the ubiquitous image of the Virgin of Guadalupe in the pilgrimage to the Basilica of Guadalupe, and Xiao’s Coastline, a series on the mass exodus of Chinese emigrants from the city to the coast, will be at Galerie Baudoin Lebon until September 23. You can read excerpts about the series in French and English by Agnès Sire, artistic adviser, HSBC Award for Photography, below.

Alinka Echeverria - Sur le chemin de Tepeyac, 2009 2.jpg

© Alinka Echeverria

« Chaque année, six millions de pèlerins cheminent vers la basilique de la Guadalupe près de Mexico. Lors de ce pèlerinage, les fidèles décrochent la représentation de cette Vierge qu’ils ont chez eux, quel que soit le support, et la transportent sur le lieu saint pour qu’elle y soit bénie (…) 300 pèlerins ont été photographiés cheminant avec leur trophée pour que ne reste qu’une silhouette de dos avec son précieux fardeau. L’accumulation de personnages, la beauté et l’étrangeté de leur harnachement, constituent une série exceptionnelle qui permet de visualiser la démesure de cette croyance ».
“Every year, six million pilgrims journey towards the Basilica of Guadalupe in Mexico City. During the pilgrimage, the faithful bring some representation of the Virgin of Guadalupe from home, whatever the medium, and carry it on their backs to the holy place for it to be blessed (…) The accumulation of characters, and the beauty and strangeness of the items they carry, create an exceptional series that helps us to visualize the intensity of this belief.”

Zhang Xiao - Coastline 2010 2.jpg

© Zhang Xiao

«Coastline, son projet, illustre les bords de mer qui «sont l’objet d’un rêve pour de nombreux chinois qui quittent les campagnes pour y arriver en masse, pensant y trouver du travail et une vie plus facile. Ces rivages sont les « fenêtres de la Chine » sur le monde extérieur. Xiao Zhang nous livre une dérive étonnante le long de la côte. Il la décrit comme « belle et douloureuse ». Une Chine intime et contemporaine sans aucune facilité exotique».

“Coastline illustrates how the coast is a part of a dream for the many Chinese who leave the countryside hoping to find work and an easier life by the sea. For the Chinese, the shore is like looking through ‘windows’ to the outside world. Zhang sets us adrift along the coast. Describing it as both beautiful and painful, the photographer presents us with an intimate view of contemporary China, without any expression of the exotic.”

Try to see the exhibition if you are in Paris.

Save Endangered Elephants in Africa

As a husband and wife photo-documentary team, Cyril Christo and Marie Wilkinson, are featured in a Vanity Fair web exclusive for their efforts in trying to save the endangered species of elephants in Africa from being slaughtered for ivory. Since 1998, they have been following the endangered elephants and depicting them in their natural habitat. A slide show including 12 of their black and white images are on display on the Vanity Fair website. Christo and Wilkinson have also been awarded as International Photography Award winners in 2008 and 2010 in the book category for, “Lost Africa” and “Walking Thunder.” They will be screening their documentary called “Lysander’s Song,” at the MOMA in New York City on Tuesday, September 27th at 7 p.m. They have set up a petition against the ivory trade and would like for everyone to participate and educate themselves in this matter.

– ASME Best Magazine Cover of the Year

On Monday, Oct. 6, the American Society of Magazine Editors announced the winner of the Best Magazine Cover of the Year award. New York magazine was crowned the overall 2008 champion with a cover featuring "a graphic illustration by Barbara Kruger based on a Getty/Contour photo by Henry Leutwyler." New York magazine trounced the competition, winning four of the eight categories and tying in a fifth. My favorite cover, a Texas Monthly featuring Willie Nelson, won the Best Celebrity Cover award.  You can see the rest of the award winners and read the stories behind the covers here !