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UPDATED: Robert Capa, Friend of Anton

Neil Harris

The first lot is auctioned off at the ‘Friends of Anton’ benefit.

UPDATE: In the first lot of the evening, the framed Robert Capa print pictured above sold for $4,500 to bidder #313, reports TIME’s Neil Harris, who was present at the event. He says that the evening was partly surprising—contemporary photojournalism at Christie’s is unprecedented—and partly somber, as Hammerl’s widow gave a speech and read a letter from their middle child to his father. Once the live auction began, “the mood became quite energized and people started bidding real money for serious pictures,” Harris says. “The first three lots together broke $10,000, which was exhilarating on all levels.”

On Tuesday evening, Christie’s will hold its first-ever auction of contemporary photojournalism prints at its New York City auction house. The event, which will be hosted by news anchor Christiane Amanpour, will benefit the family of the late Anton Hammerl. Hammerl, who had been a photographer and photo editor for outlets from the Associated Press to the The Sunday Star in Johannesburg, was killed in Libya last April. He had traveled to Libya as a freelancer to cover the conflict in that country. He was 41 years old and had three children, ages 11, 8 and 1. His remains have not yet been found.

The auction was the idea of a group of conflict journalists who originally got together, via Facebook, to sell prints to help their colleague’s loved ones. The transition from on-demand sales to planning an auction, under the banner “Friends of Anton,” happened about a month ago, and some of the most recognizable names in photojournalism have signed on to participate: João Silva, Platon, Bruce Davidson, Alec Soth, Susan Meiselas and many more.

The auction, says David Brabyn, one of the organizers, demonstrates the sense of community among photographers who put themselves at risk for their work. “It’s been quite highlighted recently,” he says, “after all the deaths of reporters, both photographers and print.”

But one of the most important prints up for bid was not a donation from someone in that community. Robert Capa’s photograph of American soldiers landing in France on D-Day is perhaps the most familiar picture in the bunch; Capa was killed by a land mine in 1954. The donation comes from the International Center of Photography, where his work is archived. (The winning bid will also include a personal tour of his archive.) ICP was founded by Capa’s brother, Cornell Capa, and the print comes from his personal collection.

Even though neither Capa brother is alive to bestow his friendship on Anton Hammerl, it’s a fitting donation, says Cynthia Young, curator of the Robert Capa Archive at ICP. Cornell Capa, she says, was generous with his prints during his lifetime—and this is a particularly poignant cause. “His brother and Anton both died while photographing overseas, doing a job they felt compassionately about. They were both committed to bringing back real stories about what was happening in the world and what they saw,” says Young. “Cornell founded ICP in part to educate people, not only about photography, but that through photography we can learn about political situations, and consequently make social and political change.”

And the picture, beyond its historical significance, has its own measure of poignancy, she adds: “It seemed like an appropriate image, one of great courage both on the part of the American soldiers and of the photographer.”

More information about the Friends of Anton auction—including ticketing and absentee bidding information—is available here.

Paolo Ventura at Hasted Kraeutler

Automaton #06, 2010. © Paolo Ventura

The Automaton of Venice

Exhibition on view:
September 8th–October 15th, 2011

Hasted Kraeutler:
537 West 24th Street, Ground Floor
New York, NY
(212) 627-0006

The Automaton of Venice by Paolo Ventura is the upcoming exhibit at the Hasted Kraeutler gallery. Using his own hand-made miniature sets and figurines, Italian photographer Paolo Ventura creates fictional photographic narratives set in his native country. Ventura’s series Winter Stories is a staged narrative revolving around a carnival set in a Northern Italian village.  Aperture published Winter Stories as a monograph and a limited-edition book and print box set. Ventura’s work was also featured in Aperture magazine issue 203.

Paolo Ventura is also one of the many artists featured in our upcoming 2011 Benefit & Auction. Click here to preview artworks and start bidding!

Charlotte Dumas: Sneak Peek from our 2011 Benefit and Auction

olive oil bottles .

Moxie, 2011 Charlotte Dumas/Julie Saul Gallery, NY

Aperture’s 2011 Benefit and Auction catalogue will be live and open for bidding next week! In the meantime, you can check out auction-featured photographer Charlotte Dumasprofile in the New York Times Magazine. Her Retrieved series shows retired 9/11 rescue dogs, and the above portraitMoxie will be one of the many fantastic items up for bidding.

Click here for more information about our 2011 Benefit and Auction

Stuff and Things and more opportunities

Ever wanted to make a Pinhole camera out of an egg? Read more here!

Daniel Cooney’s Emerging Artist Auction is now live on iGavel Auctions. I am thrilled to have a piece featured in this event.

Critical Mass is now open for submissions through July 15th. Submit 10 images and a statement, with the potential of getting your work in front of 100’s of people in-the-know.

Fototazo Photography + Microgrants asked a group of 50 curators, gallery owners, blog writers, photographers, academics and others actively engaged in photography to pick two photographers that deserve (more) recognition – the underknown, the under-respected as well as not-appreciated-enough favorites.

Rough guidelines for the selection are photographers who haven’t received national attention or made the rounds on photoblogs already. Some replies to the query don’t exactly fit those guidelines, but no replies have been edited or refused. Replies will be published over the coming weeks in groups of two, roughly in the order in which they have been received, with links and comments – if given – by the respondents on the photographers.

The goals of the series are to generate conversation for photographers that are making work that deserves recognition but, for whatever reason, hasn’t gotten it as well as to introduce readers to 100 photographers and their work.

Hello world!

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