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Collin Avery, Pleated curtain

Collin Avery, Pleated curtain

Collin Avery

Pleated curtain,
Adams, Massachusetts, 2011
From the Remain Calm series
Website – CollinAvery.com

Collin Avery was born in the small town of Adams, Massachusetts. He is currently finishing up his Bachelor of Arts degree in Photography at Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana. His work has been exhibited nationally and has received recognition on photoblogs including Lenscratch, Actual Colors May Vary, Problemata Physica, and the LA Camera Club. Most recently, Collin was invited to become a member of the Art Photo Index through Photoeye gallery. Collin is also an advocate for making and collecting independently published photography books.

5B4 Photography and Books is now on Facebook

Do you need more reasons to sit and stare blankly into a computer screen? Yes? Well then I have a perfect outlet for you, I have started a 5B4 Photography and Books Facebook page.

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5B4 Photography and Books on Facebook