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Submissions for Aphotostudent are Always Welcome

If you’re a photographer with a new body of work to show or if you’re a photography fan who has a new photo crush, you’re always welcome to submit it for posting on Aphotostudent. The majority of the posts on here for the past two years have showcased the work of world-renowned photographers. I’d like to devote more time to showcasing new work from emerging artists, but I need your help to do it.

Photo For The Week: Yamaguchi-san Peeling Chestnuts, 2008. James Luckett

Ways to reach me:

1: Feel free to email me at [email protected] but please write “aphotostudent submission” or something similar in the subject line so I don’t confuse it with the many requests for help I receive from Nigerian Royalty with millions of dollars stuck in limbo.

Please include a little bit about yourself and the body of work in the email. A bit of context always helps.


2: Head over to my Facebook page and post a comment on the most recent call for work.

Pretty simple!

Thank you in advance for any submissions you send. And, my apologies if I don’t reply to your submission right away. Sometimes emails stack up. It’s nothing personal.

I look forward to seeing lots of amazing work! – James Pomerantz


Arguiñe Escandon

© Arguiñe Escandon.

It has been a while I don”t post in the blog, my apologies. Very busy in my life and somehow I got derailed in ways that did not allow me to follow with care the blog, but I am returning now with a new reference to a photographer from Spain, Arguiñe Escandon. She has the ability to photograph in ways that the light imprints a presence that feels both natural and unconventional, images that transcend the reality of the subject into an object that feels warm and captivating.

© Arguiñe Escandon.

© Arguiñe Escandon.