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Photographer #415: Thomas Locke Hobbs

Thomas Locke Hobbs, 1976, USA, is a photographer who has been based in Buenos Aires since 2008. Although his background is in economics and finance he decided to dedicate himself full-time to photography in 2008. He started following numerous workshops in order to further his technical skills as well as to define what photography is to him. Thomas works in a very exploratory manner, investigating the city he lives in from various different perspectives. His conceptual series are the work of an organized photographer who looks at the city as an outsider. His series Ochava Solstice is a collection of large format photographs showing the corners of numerous buildings. In the early 20th century the government mandated that buildings on corners in Buenos Aires have diagonal edges to improve visibility for cars. However, from the 1960’s onwards, the economic imperatives of real estate development demanded maximum square footage. The ground floors are diagonal edge, the floors above have square edges. This way of building leaves a triangular shadow which tracks the sun as a sun dial would. The following images come from the series Ochava Solstice, Riverbank and Chalet Porteño.

Website: www.thomaslockehobbs.com

Photographer #402: Stefan Milev

Stefan Milev, 1981, Bulgaria, is a very productive fashion and fine-art photographer based in Paris, France. He spend seven years assisting major photographers around the globe and worked as a photographer in New York for a period of three years. He wants his images to resemble paintings and includes a sense of mystery and beauty, trying to capture emotion, mystic and soul. He wants the photographs to be simple and unique. He is heavily inspired by the great photographers of the 19th and 20th century as Alvin Langdon Coburn, George Seeley, Peter Lindbergh, Irving Penn and Helmut Newton. His images have appeared in magazines and publications as Tranoï Magazine, DERZEIT Magazine and Qvest. The following images come from various different shoots.

Website: www.stefanmilev.com

Group Show at the Bonni Benrubi Gallery

Busch Memorial Stadium, 1978. © Joel Meyerowitz

Exhibition on view:
August 4–September 10, 2011

Bonni Benrubi Gallery:
41 East 57th Street, 13th Floor
New York, NY
(212) 888-6007

The Bonni Benrubi Gallery is currently exhibiting a diverse group show of 20th Century and contemporary photography that includes the work of Joel Meyerowitz. Aperture published Meyerowitz’s book Legacy: The Preservation of Wilderness in New York City Parks and the related limited-edition box set and portfolio.