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Photographer #420: Joël Tettamanti

Joël Tettamanti, 1977, Switzerland, is a photographer who travels to remote places around the world for his photographic art. His work is a mixture of documentary, architectural, landscape and travel photography. He has traveled to places as Togo, Kuweit, Japan, Azerbaijan, India and Greenland. His photographs are a reflection of a traveling observer who sees ordinary objects, landscapes and buildings that others would pass without noticing. In his images the ordinary becomes the extraordinary and tell the story of man and its environment. In 2006 Joël released the book Local Studies in which his work from various series is combined with texts of 6 different authors. He studied graphic design and photography at the Ecole Cantonale d’Art de Lausanne. Since 2009 he is also a photography teacher at ECAL. His work has been exhibited extensively, mainly in Switzerland and France. The following images come from the series Ayome, Qaqortoq and Harajuku.

Website: www.tettamanti.chwww.tettamanti.li

Photographer #382: Cédric Gerbehaye

Cédric Gerbehaye, 1977, Belgium, was trained as a journalist who chose photography as his medium to tell his stories. In 2002 he started to follow the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as a long-term project. He created several bodies of work in the conflict area about Hebron, Gaza and on the economic crisis in Israel, showing that a large number of Israelis today live below the poverty line due to war and the fact that the occupation of Palestinian territories costs a lot of money to the Israeli government who are therefore spending much less on social programs. Since 2007 he has been focused on the Democratic Republic of Congo. This is where he created the images for his book Congo in Limbo, telling the story of the armed conflict that killed nearly four million people. In the eastern regions of Congo, filled with mineral resources, the situation is still very tense. One of his latest series is Land of Cush. He went to the Nuba Mounts, to the north of the demarcation line that now separates the South Sudan state and Sudan. The inhabitants, who used to fight with the southern separatists soldiers for 20 years, are now victims of aerial bombardments from the Khartoum regime as retaliation. The following images come from the stories Land of Cush – South Sudan, Congo in Limbo and Gaza: Summer Rains.

Direct link to Cedric’s work: www.agencevu.com

Photographer #353: Benjamin Goss

Benjamin Goss, 1977, USA, is a portrait, documentary and fine art photographer who has been living and working in Sweden for the last nine years. He completed several workshops given by Mary Ellen Mark, worked as one of her assistants for a short period and attended a three-semester fine art photography program at Broby Grafiska in Sweden. His project Breathe began as a protest against the current digital image consumption for which he uses a Kodak 8×10″ view camera from 1904 with silver gelatin paper. The strong black and white portraits are made with exposure times that last from several seconds to one or two minutes. Värmland is an ongoing project focusing on his environment in the countryside of Värmland, Sweden. Benjamin was fascinated by the contrast of the US and Sweden and photographs the people and things from an outsiders perspective. The following images come from his portfolio New Work and the series Breathe and Värmland.

Website: www.benjamingossphotography.com

Photographer #350: Jessica Hilltout

Jessica Hilltout, 1977, Belgium, is a documentary photographer who studied at the Art College in Blackpool, England. She has completed various overland travels for her photography. One of the first trips which resulted in the series Faces and Places was from Brussels to Mongolia and home via Africa (80.000km) in an old Jeep. In 2008 she started the project called AMEN. She visiting countries as Mozambique, Burkina Faso, Benin, Malawi and Ghana amongst others. She wanted to take a different look at the meaning of football to this continent and capture the soul of African football. She focused on the players and their clothing, their self-made balls and the improvised goals. Along with her rolls of film she also took new footballs with her to exchange with their self-made balls. She self-published the project as a coffee table book in 2010 and exhibited the series in South Africa and Belgium. The following images come from the series AMEN, Imperfection and Faces.

Website: www.jessicahilltout.com & www.jessicahilltout.com/amen

Photographer #323: GMB Akash

GMB Akash, 1977, Bangladesh, is a socially-engaged documentary photographer focusing on people at the edges of society, often photographed in bright colors. Many of his stories have been made in his home country, but he travels extensively throughout Asia to document various tales of socially isolated groups. He has covered prostitution in Nepal, child labour in Bangladesh, the high suicide rate amongst cotton farmers in India, seasonal workers in Pakistan amongst many other confronting stories. GMB has won numerous awards and his work has been published in countless magazines throughout the world as the National Geographic, Time and Stern. In 2002 he was selected for the World Press Photo Joop Swart Masterclass. His work is important and confronting, however it also shows the strength and resilience of the human being. The following images come from the series Stone Scavengers of Jaflong, Survivors and Nothing To Hold On To.

Website: www.gmb-akash.com