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Deconstructing Constructions: James Casebere’s Works 1975-2010

American artist James Casebere has been photographing dioramic constructions of human civilization since 1975. His tableaus—scenes from places both fictional and real—respond to current events and are the subject of a new book called Works 1975-2010, which chronicles highlights from his 35-year career.

Over the years, Casebere’s images have expanded and redefined to show his exploration of aesthetic technical challenges. “Photography resonates with me because it manipulates our perception of the world around us,” he says. “I am interested in photography as a means of persuasion, of propaganda and constructing histories. I am interested in how photography creates and reconstructs reality.”

Born in Lansing, Michigan in 1953, Casebere grew up during the era of television’s rise to becoming America’s prominent medium for creating images and manifesting visual culture. Referencing the sets of sitcoms of the 1950s and 1960s, Casebere’s early career focused on disseminating and questioning the domestic household and addressing the growing dysfunctions of the ideal American home. Though the scenes that he constructs and then photographs are often similar to the environment of his native Lansing, the images are not anecdotal. This absence of a personal narrative is a strategy Casebere still continues in his work today.

Among Casebere’s most well-known work are his images of the interiors of detainment cells and prisons, such as Prison Cell With Skylight, 1993. “I was thinking a lot about the Enlightenment era and the way that different cultural institutions were created in the late 18th and early 19th century. One of the developments was the prison,” he says. “I wanted to investigate innovations of the whole system…I was trying to critically look at the whole process of incarceration as cultural-historical phenomena.”

Color became more focal and the construction of sets more filled with detail in the work that follows the prison images. Casabere began capturing interior rooms beginning in the mid-90s, with images like Converging Hallways from Left, 1997. ”When I was working on prisons, I was really dealing with a subject that involved deprivation and denial,” he says. “When I moved to the interior spaces, they were less obviously models—they were more convincing. The images are printed quite large, and when viewing them in a gallery, they really become something one can walk into. There was confusion about what is real and what isn’t…There came a moment when I decided to break down the wall, visually— to do things with color, light and texture— literally, to break down the walls, the construction of the models.”

At times, Casebere’s work seems to be indicative of future events. Images that Casebere created from 2006 through 2007, seemed to almost foreshadow this year’s Arab Spring, addressing issues that were boiling in the Middle East for a long time. The images depict the Middle East from a place of brewing conflict, but also a place where people lead normal lives. “I was really trying to create a different impression entirely. Tripoli, 2007, the image that I photographed is actually a recreation of Tripoli in Lebanon,” he says. “Shortly after I made that image, there was a battle at a refugee camp, where the Lebanese army surrounded the village and drove them out.”

Casebere’s latest series of images, each work titled a numerical variation of Landscape with Houses (Dutchess County, NY), reveals his return to focusing on the domestic, a move influenced in part by the advent of the mortgage crisis. But this time around, the artist brought color and dramatic lighting into the work. “I was really working with the lights, recreating morning light, afternoon light, evening light, twilight, moonlight, all kinds of light to exhaust the possibilities and color,” he says. The latest image in the series, however, depicts the idyllic suburban houses with a catastrophic, albeit humorously cartoonish, fire burning in the background. “The fire is metaphoric of the sense of crisis of living in the home, the loss of the American dream,” Casebere says. “I emphasize and criticize [the fact] that we’re caught in a cyclical lifestyle that is destructive and self-destructive.”

Works 1975 – 2010, was published this month by Damiani and distributed by D.A.P.

Photo Camp


Congratulations to all the students nominated for Photo Camp, presented by Aperture and Sony!

BFA and MFA students will join us from both New York and California schools including Yale University, New York University, Columbia, School of Visual Arts, Long Island University at C.W. Post, Rochester Institute of Technology, Pratt, Fashion Institute of Technology, Parsons/The New School, NY Film Academy, CalArts, Art Center College of Design, UC Santa Barbara, CSU Long Beach Brooks Institute, CSU San Bernadino, Santa Monica College.

Photo Camp is a unique, educational experience, presented by Sony and Aperture Foundation, that will take place on consecutive weekends in New York and Los Angeles during April. These 3-day events are designed to foster community and new learning opportunities for local university photography students, utilizing Sony’s strengths in technology and Aperture’s commitment to encouraging excellence.  Sony Artisans of Imagery will lead hands-on workshops on the theme “The Culture of NOW” at both Paper Chase Press in Los Angeles and Aperture Gallery and Bookstore in New York.  An exhibition of select images from the workshop will be on view at Aperture Gallery this summer.

About Sony Artisans of Imagery Based on synergies between their unique styles of photography and Sony’s line of DSLR cameras, Sony hand-selected six professional photographers to be included in its Artisans of Imagery program. These pro photographers include Nigel Barker, Andy Katz, Me Ra Koh, David McLain, Christina Mittermeier, Brian Smith and Matthew Jordan Smith. Throughout the year, these photographers have been lecturing and providing educational workshops at U.S. universities and photography festivals. Additionally, their work has been featured in books, editorial content, advertising campaigns and worldwide exhibitions. Visit Sony’s news and information site to find out more about Sony’s digital imaging products.

Aperture is pleased to collaborate with our book distributor, DAP, Epson, Gotham Imaging, and Artbook at Paper Chase Press on PHOTO CAMP. Continuing a 35 year tradition of market leadership in cutting-edge printed media, Paper Chase combines high-end bespoke commercial printing, with partner gallery Eighth Veil’s contemporary art exhibition and publishing programs.