"In and Out of Fashion" photography by Viviane Sassen


Mimi © Viviane Sassen

Awkward twisting arms, legs and intertwined torsos…

Sharp shadows leaping over limbs and faces from outside the frame…

Riots of entangled shapes, forms, patterns, intense colors and textures…

Visually delightful and disorienting — Viviane Sassen’s fun, personal, quirky and artful approach has injected vibrant new energy and life into fashion photography as well as her equally wonderful tangential personal projects.

A 300-piece mid-career retrospective at Huis Marseille in Amsterdam, “Viviane Sassen: In and Out of Fashion”, highlights a giddy range of outrageously great photographs and personal outtakes from the scenes of fashion photo shoots.

Lens Culture has a preview of the exhibition, which opens December 15. Be sure to check out the high-resolution slideshow.


POP © Viviane Sassen


In Bloom, for Dazed Digital © Viviane Sassen

More details about the exhibition (in Dutch and English), including a wonderful series of interviews with models, art directors, fashion designers, and other collaborators: Huis Marseille website.