AINT-BAD Magazine

In an era when printed newspapers and magazines are closing up shop, there has been a wonderful resurgence of publications that are being created outside the usual avenues.  A few of the print magazines include Diffusion, Incandescent, LPV, SHOTS, Dear Dave and the publication I am featuring  today, AINT-BAD.

I recently received the two newest issues and I was struck by how perfect they were.  I thought of them as delicious meals, with just the right about of courses and felt filled up with wonderful images and ideas.
AINT-BAD is the creation of four photographers, Carson Sanders, Taylor Curry, Caitie Moore, and James Jackman.  All are alumni
photography students from the Savannah College of Art and Design and
conceived the idea for the magazine in the spring of last year. As the
end of their school careers were approaching they became increasingly more
aware of the need for a strong social community, especially for
photographers. They also wanted to create a community to support emerging photographers on an international platform, and AINT-BAD was born. You can purchase issues here.
Issue 4, Grand Illusion
a few pages from Grand Illusion

Issue 3, Hyperlinked
Issue 2, A Symtom of Being

Issue 1, We Are Here