Stephanie Barber, Still from Dogs, 2000, Image courtesy of the artist

Wednesday, September 12, 2012 | 6:00pm | MoCPVideo Playlist is a recurring series of one-night public video screenings guest curated in response to MoCP exhibitions. Jesse Malmed will present a program in conjunction with Peripheral Views that includes a live, participatory performance during the screening.Talk barely, talk breathily, talk American. The works in this screening address the complexity of language and the myriad ways it shapes our experience of reality. Any place as big as America, with as many voices as America, has a multitude of expressions that exist at the periphery. directory submission . This program brings the following to a center: a Sci-Fi CAPTCHA tale, what Microsoft Word found wrong with the Unabomber, how jargon becomes gibberish, a report from the out-of-bodied, a political speech about political speech, and finally, real talk from a pair of paper-mache dogs. link pyramid . Following the screening, Malmed will present selections from The Body Electronic, an ongoing and evolving series of participatory video-based performances. Malmed offers a visual, polyvocal, and interactive experience that engages audience members in dizzying, surprising, and humorous ways.The screening features the work of Joe Sandler, Peter Rose, Peggy Ahwesh, Doug Hall, Gabrielle De Vietri, Stephanie Barber, and Jesse Malmed.This event is free and open to the public.

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