All-new Lens Culture: contemporary photography #34


Strangers in the Light No.2 © Catherine Balet

Yay! An all-new issue of Lens Culture is online now, free.
Contemporary photography.
Since 2004.

This edition saunters through digital narcissism and ignorance; a celebration of Queer love and expression in America; Portraits of Rwandan children born of rape; fairy tale stories of a very young Russian mother and her daughter, growing up together in fantasy-reality; Grandmothers’ favorite ethnic recipes from around the world; trying to picture the “psychology of an occupied culture” in the West Bank, Palestine; a celebration of uniformed flight attendants high in the skies; God’s-eye views of Mexican laborers in pick-up trucks commuting to work in wealthy suburbs; self-portraits of a naked young woman in public crowds of New York City; photo crime mystery book Gomorrah Girl from Naples Italy; Russian art museum Guardians who become like chameleons around the art they protect; satellite images of global capitalist centers stitched into patterns like Persian rugs; the last remaining Boikos in the Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains; 1,000 Buddhas, and more…

Special thanks to C.A. Strand, Sam Pribish and Millie for splendid production, design and proofing. Now rest your bleary eyes for a few hours…. And very special thanks to all of the talented and generous photographers, artists and writers who contributed to this issue!