Agencies and Photographers | September 2012

Agencies and Collectives

Noor, which celebrated its 5 year anniversary in Perpignan, has completely revamped website… Take a look..

Photo on the front page © Francesco Zizola

Noor Images new website

One of the founding Noor members Jan Grarup ,who recently left the agency, is now represented by Laif…

Laif: Jan Grarup, Worldwide and exclusively at Laif

VII newsletter, including a link to a terrific trailer  titled ‘Think Outside The Cell’, for a group project ‘The Stigma of Incarceration’ by agency’s photographers Jessica Dimmock, Ashley Gilbertson, Ron Haviv, and Ed Kashi…

Photo seen on the newsletter © Ashley Gilbertson

VII newsletter September 2012 | special newsletter: Too Young to Wed

Magnum Photos newsletter

Photo © David Rochkind

Reportage by Getty Images: David Degner, Sarah Elliott, and David Rochkind join Reportage

Reportage by Getty Images: New photographers in Emerging Talent (Reportage Tumblr)

Salt Images : inde­pend­ent pho­to­graphy Agency based in Moscow

New photo agency from Italy…

Echo Photo Agency

Terra Project newsletter

Prime Collective September newsletter

Aletheia Photos collective : newsletter


Bruce Gilden has a new website

Bruce Gilden

Markel Redondo newsletter

Giulio di Sturco newsletter

Olivia Arthur

Karla Gachet on Verve

Shannon Jensen on Verve

Simone Donati on Verve

Ara Oshagan on Verve

Tadej Znidarcic on Verve

Brian Driscoll on Verve

Thomas Locke Hobbs on Verve

Amy Helene Johansson on Verve

Arnhel de Serra on Verve

Glenna Gordon

Elizabeth D. Herman

Magda Rakita


Ed Thompson

Kuba Kaminski

Ian Willms

Diana Markosian

Ian Thomas Jansen-Lonnquist

Fabian Weiss

Rasel Chowdhury

Petrut Calinescu

Pauline Beugnies

Marco Gualazzini

This year’s Ian Parry Scholarship winner Adrian Fussell…

Adrian Fussell

Marcelo Perez del Carpio

Hilde Mesics Cleven

Gesche Würfel

Ben Kilb

Yalda Pashai