Anna & Eve — When a mother and daughter grow up together [video & photo-essay]

“Anna and Eve were particularly interesting to me when I first met them in 2005 because the boundary between the child and the adult woman was blurred to an unusually high degree. This was primarily due to the mother’s young age (23); it seemed at times that she was more of a child than her 3 year-old daughter. It was often hard to tell who held the power and control between the two, and who was learning the essence of being a human in this world.”

Photographer Viktoria Sorochinski

To my mind, and to my eye, staged photography is very difficult to do well. It is so easy to fall flat, or to look unconvincing, or to seem sappy and simple-minded. carrera de fotografia . The worst of the genre falls, for me, into the mass-market cheery greeting card category, or the poorly-wrought metaphoric stock photography motivational-inspirational fantasy world of refrigerator magnets.

So, it is a complete delight to discover an artist such as Viktoria Sorochinski who soars with her staged photography that features real-life characters in fantastical settings that ring true.

Sorochinski and I met in person during portfolio reviews at Lens Culture FotoFest Paris. Her work was recognized by other reviewers in Paris, too, and it is currently being featured at the Biennale in Buenos Aires. The video above is a pitch for a book project that has yet to become a reality.

See and read more by Viktoria Sorochinski in this photo-essay in Lens Culture.

Jim Casper