2012 LENSCRATCH Hometown Exhibition


My Home is in my Head by Susan Barnett

Thank you for your wonderful submissions that show us where you came from or where you live now…these insights and interpretations connect us in a meaningful way and truly reflect our international community.  Enjoy the last days of summer and thank you so much for reading LENSCRATCH.

Hollis Call, Foggy Morning, Santa Barbara, CA
Kristy CarpenterMeth Watch, Bronson, MI 

Loretta AyeroffFairfax Ave and Third Street, Dedicated to Raymond Chandler, Los Angeles, CA

Bootsy Holler, Tumbleweeds, Richland, WA 

Renate Aller, Elbe, Hamburg / Germany

Nancy BaronHollywood, #1, Los Angeles, CA

Laura Valenti Jelen, Jonathan, near Crater Lake, OR
I’ve moved around a lot in my life and have never felt that I’ve
had a home town. But, this image was taken near my current home in
Oregon. The wild spaces in this beautiful state are some of the places I
feel most at home.
Garin Horner, 2012.2, Oakwood Cemetary, Adrian, MI

Lori Bell, Fall Vineyard, Santa Maria, CA
Patricia Bender, The House, Somerset, NJ
Robert WelshJimmie and Robbie
Fanuel Public Housing Projects, Boston MA

Julia Dean, Diner, Broken Bow, NE

Sally DeFordGrand Junction Steel, Grand Junction, CO
Jamie House, Stranger, Plymouth, UK

Mariana Bartolomeo, Mam Ethel Tysky, Mission, KS

Kristina Smith, Mt. Carmel Babydoll Dance, Youngstown, OH 

Rusty J. Joerin, Ready to Start, Qualicum Beach, British Columb

Stan RaucherSevenscore Years Later, Pioneer Square, Seattle, WA

                     Laidric StevensonBANG! – Grassy Knoll, Dallas, Tx

Daniel Rozmiarek, Medic, Bel Air, MD

Bruce Martin, Rip Van Winkle watches over Catskill, Catskill, New York

Mark Peterman, Intersections, Lansing, MI  

Diana Zlatanovski, Wicker Park at Night, Chicago, IL 

Mary Economidy, Lonesome Whistle, Wichita Falls, TX
Carol S. Dass, It’s Nice Here!, Aunt Lucy’s Doll House, Columbia, MO
George E. Holroyd III, No. 2 from the series 33 Meters Squared, Paris, France 

Maja PilipovicTransAmerica Building, San Francisco, CA

Yvette Meltzer, The Heart of Chicago, Lake Michigan, Chicago, Illinois 

and raised in Chicago, I returned after 21 years of living in other
locales. In 45 years of living in the city I have always been within an
easy walk of the lakefront.  Lake Michigan and the lakefront parks are
for me the heart of the city.

Deena Feinberg, Lost in Her Own World, Hudson, NY

Kimberly Strom, untitled, Challex, France 
Anna Kress, No Title, Oporto, Portugal
Vicky Stromee, Gabby’s Vigil, Tucson, AZ
Danielle L Goldstein, Sunset Tryst at the Beach,  Westport, CT
Mona Chughtai, Midwestern Sunset, Madison, WI

Tama Hochbaum, Coker Arboretum, Chapel Hill, NC

Tracey N. FreemanTree Performing, Houston, TX 

Mark Kalan, Picnic Table Rockland Lake, Valley Cottage/Rockland Coutnty/NY

Ali DonnellyCoal and Hills, Ashland, Kentucky

H Bane
, It
Used To Be Bigger, Patterson, NJ
409 E 40 Street,
Paterson, NJ 07504 – http://goo.gl/maps/Swmvy
I was home for a high
school reunion in June, 2011 and drove around Paterson, New Jersey – my
hometown.  I hadn’t been there for many years.  I went to see my
elementary school, high school, the synagogue we went to, the park I hung out
at where I became a pseudo-hippie, Sunshine’s Deli, Ben & Bob’s,
Passaic Falls, Johnny & Hange’s, where Toby’s used to be, the Bonfire,
my grandfather’s store King’s on 21st Avenue, the library on East 33rd Street
where dreams were made and most of all the home I grew up in.  I drove up
and down my street.  I knew the street number but I could not recognize the
house I lived in for over 10 years.  I kept looking at it but refused to
believe this was once my grandparent’s home, where my mother grew up and where
we moved to from Forest Hills, Queens when my grandparents downsized (before
that was a word in our vocabulary).  I stood outside my rental car wanting
to ring the doorbell but couldn’t.  Instead I cried and for a moment
everything stopped and it was as it used to be.  I could see everyone up
and down our block and everything was as it used to be so many years ago.  I
left when I went away to college in Washington, DC and a few months later my
father died and my mother sold the house and moved.  It used to be white
with black trim and it used to be bigger.

Susan Barnett, Under Contract, North Jersey, 2012

Gerhard Clausing, Laguna Spirits, Laguna Beach, CA 

Gary Wirstad, Philadelphia Morning, 30th and Chesnut Streets, Philadelpha, PA

Wayne Swanson, Laurel St., San Diego, CA


Révy, The Climbing Tree behind Kimball’s Ice Cream Stand, 2011, Carlisle, MA

Heather OelklausDrury Lane, LeGrand, IA

Winky Lewis, Queen Elizabeth in Portland, ME, Portland, ME

Roger Carl Johanson, Brother and Sister, Queens, Jackson Heights, NYC

Dale Niles, The Center Theater, Lenoir, NC

Randy Karg, Antique Dealer, Clarinda, IA

Martina Jackmuth, Ruralurbanindustrialpastoral, Mainz, Germany


Amy Fichter, Roller Skating, Shenandoah, IA
Trisha Barry, Early Morning Light, Nichols and Stone, Gardner, MA

                Mary Anne Mitchell, Piedmont Park Festival, Atlanta, GA

Hans BrooymansNever a dull moment on the way to the dentists’ office, Almere (The Netherlands)

John Lawrence, Guam Cir., Cypress, CA

Stan Banos, Battery Park, NYC

Garry Loughlin, Columb’s Barracks, Mullingar, Ireland
Keith Dannemiller, San Judas Rides the Metro, México, DF, México 
April Rocha, Station 26, Santa Monica, CA
Sarah Bilotta, Erin’s Cornfield, Hollis, NH

Diane Cockerill, Windshield Tourist. Los Angeles, CA 

Kimberly Edwards, Second Line Season, New
Orleans, LA

Darrell Lecorre, My Neighbors, Mission, British Columbia, Canada
Harvey Hanig, Free TV 107 Dee  Road, North Aurora, IL

Andi SchreiberSummer’s Idyll, Scarsdale, NY 
Mitchell Hartman, On the Platform, Queens, NY
Jim Marz, My New Home Town, Crestline, CA
Gary Haigh, Parked Car,  Adelaide, South Australia    

Bill Ward, Glasgow Rain, Glasgow, Scotland 
Michael Barath, Art Walk, Canton, OH
Sarah PollmanGardening from the series Instagram Poetry, Boston, MA 

Joel Butler, City Center,
Las Vegas, NV

Emma Powell, My First House, Middlebury, VT

Frauke Langguth,  Berlin Reichstag playground, Berlin, Germany

This is well known spot
in Berlin, the Reichstag building, now the seat of the German parliament
Bundestag. I like the atmosphere in the picture and in reality –
although the building is the centre of German politics, you can still
play soccer on the grass in front of it.  In the background you can spot
two building cranes, which is also very typical for Berlin for the last
two decades.

Karen Baker, hometown1, hometown2, Venice, CA

Bea Fresno, RTM, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Bruce Morton, My Home Town, Bowen, IL

Jason Neely, Middletown, Middletown, CT 

Kathy LeistnerBanks of the Abash, Lafayette, IN
I took this photograph when I came back to my hometown to help my Mom after
she had heart surgery.  I grew up a few blocks from the Wabash River and in
college I rowed on it with crew team at Purdue.  Flooding from the
river every spring is part of life in West Lafayette/Lafayette.  Every day
the river is different and always worth the time to look at it. The Battle of
Tippecanoe took place about 7 miles outside of West Lafayette and it was an
important waterway for the Native Americans in this area.

Shawna Gibbs, Laurel St., Claremont, NH 
Eric Breitenbach, The Family Of Trayvon Martin, Sanford, FL    

Jane GottliebSanta Barbara Mission Fire (2010), Santa Barbara, CA

Bill Chapman, Dream, Cambridge, MA  

Marco Bucchieri, Fog # 9, Pieve di Cento (Bologna, Italy)

Christa Blackwood, Austin, TX

Karen Carson, Bob’s Drive-In, Toluca Lake (Burbank) CA  

Panos Lambrou, Samos Town, Samos, Greece
Here is a photo of my home town Samos Town, Samos, Greece. The house I
lived in as a child is the two story house at the bottom left by the
sea. I took my very first photograph on the second floor balcony of that
house when I was 10 years old with a Agfa box camera.
Kevin McCollister, March 22, 2012, Los Angeles, CA

Barrry Steven Greff, Lone Tree at Sunset, Weston, FL 
Robert Schlaug, Spalt, Germany
Alicia Goodwin, Cinema Five, Portsmouth, New Hampshire
I kissed my first boy in that theater!
Marisa Sciabarrasi, Entrance, Portsmouth, NH 
Ryan SegediThe world in your mailbox, Savannah, GA

Tom Paiva, Sewer to the Sea, Los Angeles, CA (Playa del Rey) 

Lauren Grabelle, Gunther in the Grass, Bigfork, MT

Russ Rowland, Brooklyn Blue, New York City
Adam Neese, Map of Memories, Grapevine, TX

Laura Glabman, Untitled, Far Rockaway, NY



Hans Bauer, Navasota,Texas, Navasota, TX
John A. BenignoNarberth Holloween, Narberth, PA
Stacy Swiderski, Peak, Fords, NJ 
Vicki Hunt, The Magic City, Birmingham, Alabama 2012  
Carol Isaak, River-front Beach, Portland, OR

Luca Baldassari,
roma.piazza.campo.de.fiori , Rome, Italy

Pekka Nikrus, Helsinkipolis 5, Helsinki, Finland
Francesca YorkeRed Hollyhock, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Bob St. CyrLanding PlacePonteix, Saskatchewan, Canada 
Joel Rhymer, The Mill Pond after the Snow, Freedom, NH
Robert Moran, Misty Morning, Bar Harbor, Maine
Lesley Treloar Helston, Cornwall, UK
Robert Katz, Balloon Fiesta, Albuquerque, NM 
Brandon Edwards, Tech Cominco-1,Trail, BC, Canada 
Nicole WhiteMassasoit, 2012, Plymouth, MA

Mariya UstymenkoColour Red / Jubilee Day St. Osyth, Essex, UK

Thomas Locke HobbsPalm, Dr. Dinuba, CA  

Oscar Ciutat, Lightfield, Barcelona, Spain
K.B. Dixon, Towers, Portland, OR

Raul Guerrero, Land’s End, San Francisco, CA
Sandy Carson, swing park, Newmains, Scotland

Donna Rosser, Sammy T’s, Fredericksburg,

Eleonora RonconiLa Recoleta Cemetery,
Buenos Aires

Beth Herzhaft,The
View Out My Window
, Los Angeles, CA

Thomas KittelReturning Home, Approaching JFK- NYC

Kathleen B. Donovan, Beating the Heat at the Mall,
, TX

Michael Cannon, Lakeshore
, Southampton, Ontario, Canada

Olivia Callender, Old Scar from the series The Objective Life, Roosevelt
Island, NY

Rhonda Prince, Springs Theater, Tampa, FL

Jim Ford, Mixed Emotions, Blanchester, OH

Hannah Reynolds, The July Racecourse, Newmarket, Suffolk, UK

 Miroslav Vrzala, Abstract Shadows, Monroe, NY

Sietse PostmaNinepins, Bovenkarspel, Holland

Darragh Mason FieldBonnie’s Café, Bristol UK

Tom Griscom, Tennessee River, Chattanooga, TN


Erika Ritzel, Old
Terrier Track, Carbondale, IL

Randy JenningsTrust, Kingsport, TN

Laurie McCormickLa La Land, CaliforniaWest Los Angeles, CA

Paul Melhado, Queens County #1, Queens, New York

Allen Griggs, Can I be Helped, Nashville,TN
(Church St. downtown)

Patty Carroll, Shadow Statue, Park Ridge, IL
Ivan B. Palli, Corstorphine Hill, Edinburgh, UK 
Linda Alterwitz, Vegas My Hometown, Las Vegas, NV
Valery RizzoPin-up Girls, Brooklyn, NY

Mindi L Headrick, Louise, Hoxie, KS

Jonathan MorsePool, Honolulu, Hawaii

Jim Neuner, Walking the Dogs, Asheville, NC  

Aline Smithson, Liberace, Hollywood, CA

Thanks to Cleo Scheoplein for her assistance.