One of us in trouble… let’s help a colleague!

Photographer #242: Jonathan Waiter, age 32, was recently diagnosed with Lymphoma (stage 3 or 4), cancer of the lymphocytes, a type of cell that forms part of the immune system. Tumors were found in the chest cavity, lungs and the surrounding major arteries. The cancer has also spread to his kidneys, liver and pancreas. His Medicaid application was denied and the information is currently being reviewed by his friends. They will be going through the motions to appeal the decision by way of a hearing. Jonathan himself is undergoing aggresive treatment while the medical bills are piling up.

Friends of Jonathan have started a fundraiser. As Jonathan is a freelance photographer (thus self employed) he is unable to make any money, has limited access to health coverage, no disability insurance and no paid sick time. However, he needs to cover his day to day expenses. This is our possibility to help a colleague who is truly in need.
I wish Jonathan, his family and friends all the best and strength.

For more information, updates and to donate go to:
For those that do not have a creditcard, paypal is also possible to [email protected]