Photo News – Datacolor hosts free webinar on monitor calibration tonight from 7-8pm

If you want to know more about monitor callibration then sign up to Datacolor’s free webinar tonight from 7pm-8pm (GMT) Zurich, Switzerland.

The Monitor calibration is a short and easy tutorial providing photographers and creative professionals, from amateur to a professional level, with an in-depth lesson on how to calibrate their personal monitor/s to achieve truthful colours, so that photography can be displayed as the artist intended.

The online educational tutorial covers topic including:
How to ensure that your monitor is a reliable window to your digital photography
How to match monitor and printer output
How to create the best working environment for post-production.
The webinar also includes tips and tricks from Datacolor’s top imaging expert Oliver Mews.

Go to Datacolor and complete a short registration form.

So why is it important to know about monitor calibration? “Since no two devices display the exact same colour, precise calibration is imperative in order to ensure consistent, true colour representation. In addition, even calibrated monitors will gradually decrease in accuracy over time, requiring colour calibration every one to two months in order to display sharp, accurate colours, shadows and highlights.” (from the press release).

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