Found: Katherine Wolkoff

American Kestral, 2011, Katherine Wolkoff

Exhibition on view:
March 8April 28, 2012

Sasha Wolf Gallery
548 West 28 St
New York, NY
(212) 925-0025

Cause of death: flew into a lighthouse, death by cat, death by telephone wire. The origin of death to the birds of Block Island is recorded by infatuated gatherer Elizabeth Dickens. She finds, stuffs, and lives with these perished animals. article writing submission . Photographer Katherine Wolkoff befriended Dickens and began photographing her taxidermies. The images are inherently proper and documentary though they reveal a particular affection for the subject matter. The proposed silhouette displays how a birdwatcher identifies the species in the wild. Stark white backgrounds, jet black surfaces, and a hint of back-lighting suggest an intimate relationship between the viewer and the bird offering another existence underneath the lifeless figure.

The exhibition titled, Found will be presented by the Sasha Wolf Gallery.

Wolkoffs series After the Storm, documenting the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, was featured in Aperture issue 184.