William Eggleston: Oversized

Untitled, 1965, © William Eggleston / Eggleston Artistic Trust / Cheim & Read Gallery

In 1976 Memphis-native William Eggleston ushered in a new age of photography with his ground-breaking use of color. The Museum of Modern Art hosted its first one-man color photography exhibition featuring Eggleston’s work. This particular display is known for prompting the acceptance of color photography as well as legitimizing and popularizing the refashioned medium.

With a focus on the mundane, Eggleston has the ability to capture the vibrant nature of seemingly ordinary objects and individuals; a blue tricycle, a light bulb hanging from a red ceiling, a woman’s bouffant hair-do. The normality of his subjects is deceived with his use of rich colors and appealing angles.

Eggleston has gone through his archives and reconsidered some of his work. In an era of new technology, he has decided to enlarge 36 of his most well-known photographs along with some never-before-seen images. By playing with the scale, moving from 16-by-20 inch prints to 44-by-60 inches, Eggleston claims to see things that he never knew were there. Christie’s will be selling the new-fangled oversized photographs to benefit the Eggleston Artistic Trust.

Eggleston’s work has appeared in Aperture issues 169, 181, and 196.

Public viewing:
March 8–11, 2012

Auction begins:
Monday, March 12, 2012
5:00 pm

Rockefeller Center
20 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY
(212) 332-6868