My Money’s on The Artist

If you have been reading Lenscratch over the years, you know that I am a devoted Oscar fan. I see as many movies as I can over the year, and those numbers increase significantly towards Oscar week. I have had the amazing opportunity to attend the Oscars twice, and last year’s experience was really special–nothing like walking side by side Colin Firth into the event (thought he wasn’t aware of it!). This year I will be hosting a little Oscar party and will be glued to the television for the entire day. My money’s on The Artist, but my heart is with Beginners.

A few shots before the red carpet…
The crowds were screaming for us to open our windows…so as I rolled mine down, a huge roar came up from the crowd so I very quickly rolled up the window so they wouldn’t be disappointed I wasn’t someone of interest.

Enjoy the show!