MoCP in the News: Press for Crime Unseen

Featured on PBS News Hour and Time Magazine’s LightBox blog, our current exhibition, Crime Unseen, is open until January 15, leaving anyone who has not yet seen it less than two weeks to stop by and take a look at what New City Art is calling one of Chicago’s Top Five Exhibitions of 2011.

Need more enticing? Take a look at what other people are saying about Crime Unseen:

Angela Strassheim, Evidence No. 4

Crime Unseen offers a thoughtful multi-dimensional approach to the genre of crime photography.” Art Slant

“Gothic-inspired and visually stunning… Crime Unseen is a large show, but each element is strong and adds to the overall narrative.” CBS Chicago

“Dazzlingly obscene…Most of the images are deadpan, at first glance, presenting locations haunted by crimes ranging from white-collar to terrorism.” Photograph Magazine

Crime Unseen is an excellent exhibition because its depictions of violent crime…murders, in most cases, are not horror-film perverse…Most of the photographs on view here are open-ended, as if artists have extra sensitivity for interpreting a crime scene, reopening old cases by coloring their terrible realities with attractive presentations.” New City Art

“I was struck by two things: the artistry and patience of the photography, with its noticeable attention to tonal balance and symmetry of the different picture areas; and a feeling of guilt, of being slightly appalled at myself for looking at evidence of such a grisly act and getting a real aesthetic pleasure from it.” Hyperallergic

“There is no slasher movie-like gore in the Museum of Contemporary Photography’s Crime Unseen as one might expect guess from the title, but that makes it all the more eerie.” FlavorPill Chicago