Dear visitors of 500 Photographers,

As you probably noticed the website has notposted new photographers in the past few weeks. In May of this year I signed acontract with a non-photographic job (working at a residential youth crisiscentre, ages 12-18) as my financial situation was alarming. Once I signed thecontract several clients came and offered smaller photographic jobs as wellwhich I kindly accepted. I was able to creatively fill my shifts and do all thephotographic work, as well as working on 500 Photographers. The result howeverwas that I created a gap between my actual working hours and my contract. Thisproblem had to be resolved in the months October and November. This meant doingdouble to triple shifts while still meeting deadlines with my photographicclients. Suddenly there were not enough hours in a week.

Up to the last photographer posted on thiswebsite I was able to feature photographers that met 100% of my requirements.Every single image-maker on 500 Photographers absolutely deserves to be on thiswebsite according to me. I guess I could have continued to post photographersin the few spare minutes I had left in the last few weeks, but it would haveresulted in lowering my standards. If I would have done so, 500 Photographers wouldnot have the same value to me as it has today. self storage berkeley . Thats why I decided not to postnew photographers until there was enough time to thoroughly do the researchthat is required for this website.
My contract ends on the 1st ofDecember, Ill only have a few shifts left to complete the hours of mycontract. The company has asked me to sign a new temporary contract, but I havekindly declined. Financially unwise, but 500 Photographers means this much to me.There are no photographic jobs currently on my path, only a few that needfinishing touches, meaning a few days of photoshop sessions. Soon time will be on myside once again. In the upcoming days I will start to post new photographers.The good news is that I will catch up, meaning that I will post 1 to 3photographers each day until everything is back to normal. There will be moreviewing pleasure in a shorter amount of time. I have initiated a newcompetition so that you can help me out and win prizes at the same time.(check competition above)
Quality is more important to me than quantity, however I’d like to apologize that your daily dose ofinspiration was not available this past month. I hope you will enjoy the photographers that will be posted in thefuture and thank you for your patience and support. casino online .
Pieter Wisse
(This message will be online for 1 week,new photographers will be posted underneath this message)