Work Scholar Trip to Aperture Millerton

Last month, the Aperture Work Scholars took a trip to Aperture Millerton and to the Paul Strand Archive in Lakeville.

The day began with a scenic drive through upstate New York. When the work scholars arrived at Millerton they were greeted by Susan Charlas, Karen Wahl, and Jake Gingert; Aperture’s Registrar, Archivist, and Preparator. As Susan showed the work scholars around the vast warehouse of books, prints, and special editions she explained Aperture’s historical roots in the small town. In the 1970s, photographers flocked to Millerton to participate in workshops held by Aperture. Although these no longer exist, photo-enthusiasts can still visit Aperture Millerton for a great selection of books and prints.

Exhibitions Manager Annette Booth explained how Aperture curates and schedules its many traveling exhibitions.

For lunch, the work scholars made a picnic with food from the main street’s cafes.

In the afternoon, Anthony Montoya presented the incredible objects from the Paul Strand’s archive including his cameras, glass negatives, and original prints. At the beginning of his career, in order to capture images in New York’s rougher areas, Strand devised tricks such as concealing his camera underneath his coat and adding a fake lens, secretly snapping now-famous images such as Blind Woman. Strand also concocted his own varnishes, though over time some of his recipes have had negative effects, clouding his glass negatives. The finale of the archive was certainly the enormous temperature-controlled vault which keeps Strand’s legacy safe. It houses all of Paul Strand’s negatives, some vintage prints, and an archive of every issue of Aperture Magazine.


The deadline for applications to the January-June 2012 session of the Stevan A. Baron Work Scholar Program has been extended to Saturday, October 15th. The Work Scholar Program at Aperture is a unique opportunity to be introduced to the many facets of the photography, non-profit, and publishing fields. Following placement in each of Aperture’s departments, Work Scholars are involved in a range of tasks in the areas of design, editing, circulation, development, sales, and marketing. The program also includes a number of special events, curator-led tours of exhibits, special studio visits with Aperture artist,s and a chance to get involved in the arts and photo world in New York.

Click here for more information on Aperture’s Work Scholar Program including how to apply