Photo show – The press kit version of Controversies at the Rudolfinium in Prague

Heading back from Prague tonight, but here’s a taste of a photo show I visited with friends on Wednesday. This is the press kit version – some images from the show and the press statement. From tomorrow, the first part of my photo stroll version showing the work in situ.

NADAR (FÉLIX TOURNACHON) and ADRIEN TOURNACHON, Mime Deburau as the Pierrot: The Surprise, 1854-1855

HIPPOLYTE BAYARD, Self-Portrait as a Drowned Man,1840

SECUNDO PIA, The Shroud of Turin, May 1898

FRANCES GRIFFITHS, Fairy Offering Flowers to Iris, 1920

LEWIS CARROL, Alice Liddell as a Beggar Child, 1859

MARC GARANGER, Portrait of Cherid Barkaoun, Algeria 1960-1

ANNELIES STRBA, Sonja in her Bath, 1985

FRANK FOURNIER, Omayra Sánchez, Armero, Kolumbie, 1985

LEWIS HINE, Three Riveters, Empire State Building, 1931

NASA, Buzz Aldrin on the Moon, 20 July 1969

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