Daido Moriyama at Aperture Nov 4-5

Aperture is thrilled to announce PRINTING SHOW – TKY, an exclusive event and exhibition featuring influential Japanese photographer Daido Moriyama! Organized by Ivan Vartanian of Goliga.

PRINTING SHOW is a recreation of Daido Moriyama’s 1974 performance of the same name. Following the format of the original performance as closely as possible, in lieu of prints mounted on the gallery walls, visitors to the gallery will find the photographer stationed at a photocopy machine duplicating his photographic prints. As was done forty years ago, these photocopied sheets will be assembled and staple-bound with a silk-screened cover printed in the gallery space during the performance.

In 1974, the ad hoc photobook that resulted from this process, Another Country—New York, featured images from a trip Moriyama had made to New York in 1971. The photobook, which was produced as ephemera for the performance, has since become a rare collector’s item. In the 2011 recreation, the work featured will include a selection of images made in Tokyo over the last fifteen years.

Visitors to the gallery will be active collaborators in the photobook-making process. In 1974, the photographer sequenced and collated the photocopied sheets, leaving the choice of silkscreen cover to the visitor. In 2011, the visitor will select, edit, and sequence the sheets of the ad hoc photobook, titled TKY. Visitors will choose from a menu of fifty-four double-sided photocopied sheets that will be on view in the gallery space. Visitors will also make a choice of cover. All copies made during the performance interval will be signed by the photographer.

Daido Moriyama has been publishing and exhibiting his photography since the late 1960s, with a bibliography of over 300 monographs to his name. A major retrospective, Daido Moriyama: Stray Dog, originated in 2000 at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and subsequently toured internationally to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Japan Society in New York, Fotomuseum Winterthur in Switzerland, and numerous other venues. He is a recipient of the Cultural Award of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Photographie. Exhibitions include a major retrospective, On the Road, presented at the Osaka National Museum of Art from June to October 2011, and William Klein/Daido Moriyama at Tate Modern from October 2012 to January 2013.

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Presented by Aperture Foundation and organized by Ivan Vartanian of Goliga, PRINTING SHOW—TKY is made possible, in part, with support from David Solo; The Japan Foundation, New York; Hôtel Americano, New York; and Performa 11.


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