Santiago Porter

© Santiago Porter

© Santiago Porter

© Santiago Porter

Santiago Porter’s recent photographs indirectly deal with Argentina’s history of the 60 years. Shot in a formal, austere style, his  subjects include facades of government ministries, headless statues of deposed presidents, prison guard towers, clandestine torture centers run by the last military dictatorship, a bullet scarred wall, unifished highway overpasses, half-built and abandoned hospitals.

There’s currently a show of his really big photos [they look great] at the gallery Zavaleta Lab, located in San Telmo. Here’s a couple of photos I took at the show’s opening.

Santiago Porter in Zavaleta Lab

Santiago Porter at Zavaleta Lab

I also really like Porter’s series, Piezas. Much more personal in scope, the project documents fleeing moments and intimate space. The prints themselves are these tiny, utterly precious things. They make for an interesting counterpoint to his large format color work.

© Santiago Porter from the series "Piezas"