Human nature: a flood of last-minute entries for Awards

We’ve been receiving a flurry of anxious, worried messages via email from people who are uploading their photographs and multimedia for the Lens Culture International Exposure Awards 2011. They are worried because the upload system is unusually slow. Seems like our online system is experiencing a bit of overload, and that is creating unnecessary stress for a lot of talented people. Absolutely, the upload system is slower than usual today — especially for you multimedia artists with large files.

Sorry. But please don’t worry. handyman matters .

If you REGISTER and BEGIN you submission before 11:59 PM Pacific time today (September 17), you will be able to complete your submission for an additional 24 hours beyond the deadline, and your work will be included in the competition. BUT, you must register and begin the process before 11:59 PM Pacific time, to be able to continue beyond the deadline for the additional 24 hours.

Hope that helps. Don’t worry. Be happy. Visualize worldwide appreciation for your hard-earned work and art. portland or . 🙂

There are lots and lots of people out there who would LOVE to discover you and your work (including all of us at Lens Culture).