Colleen Plumb and Kelli Connell to Sign Books at the MoCP

Whether taking pictures of humans or animals, both Colleen Plumb and Kelli Connell’s new photography books have a lot to say about how humans interact with other living things. And on Tuesday, Plumb and Connell will be interacting with people at the MoCP from 5 to 6:30pm to discuss their work and sign their new books.

Colleen Plumb, Animals are Outside Today, Published by Radius Books

Plumb’s new book, Animals are Outside Today, explores the relationships humans form with animals. From beloved household pets to exotic circus animals, she explores the attachments people feel toward certain animals over others and how these emotions allow humans to grieve over the death of some animals but not others, such as road kill and animals slaughtered for meat.

Kelli Connell, Double Life, Published by Decode Books

Connell’s new book, Double Life, scales back to examine the relationship between two identical individuals caught up in the complexity of everyday life. Seemingly benign scenarios, like having a picnic in the park, give way to more intimate interactions, like taking a bubble bath together. Magnifying the complexity of these emotions is the fact that these two women appear to be identical twins.