21st Editions Releases Second Book in Prism Series by Mitch Dobrowner

21st Editions released Mitch Dobrowner’s first publication from the Prism series earlier this month. The book is limited to 280 copies with only 200 for sale. The unique deluxe book, The Prophecies of William Blake, contains 12 platinum prints of Mitch Dobrowner, the collector can customize their book in choosing which 3 of the 12 they want as free-standing and which nine they want bound in the book. Each book comes with one of four signed 16″ x 20″ contact silver-gelatin prints, the only ever offered by Dobrowner. Bound by Twinrocker paper, it contains 144 pages with 64 full bleed duotone images measuring 12 1/2″ x 12 1/2.”

Mitch Dobrowner takes the fine art of landscape and nature photography to another level with the use of technology such as weather satellites, the meteorological forecasts of the National Weather Service, the use of small airplanes with brave and willing pilots, cars, and fearless guides. There is no stopping for this adventurous, storm chasing photographer, who is willing to take risks with high tech tools to give us unseen visions of nature.

Dobrowner grew up in Long Island and eventually made his way to the southwest, settling in California to pursue a career in photography. He took a break from photography to open a design studio with his wife and came back, into the photography scene in 2005 and has been unstoppable since. He has won numerous awards since in the International Photography Awards and Px3 competitions for his fine art images of nature and landscapes.

The four silver-gelatin prints can be seen here

Books are available through 21st Editions or by email: [email protected] or by calling 508-398-3000.

Prism Series, Book Number 2 by Mitch Dobrowner