2011 Benefit and Auction Spotlight: Rachel Barrett

Kale Road (2010, printed 2011) © Rachel Barrett

Immediately following the 2011 Benefit Dinner and AuctionSNAP! New Collectors Program Benefit Party will kick off with live jazz by DW-40, spinning by Japanster, and a Fuji Instax Cameras Photo Op. This event is co-chaired by artist Jowhara AlSaudPeter Berberian of Gotham Imaging, Emily Bierman of Sotheby’s, and actor Ken Triwush. The party’s main event will be an exciting Emerging Artists Auction including up and coming photographers such as Rachel Barrett whose piece Kale Road (above) will be up for bidding. Rachel Barrett writes, of her work:

“In recent years I have shifted attention to iterations of communal life among my peers for whom there is a resurgence of back to the land ideologies. Initially I was intrigued by the social and political significance of this movement and wanted to investigate further, exploring the ways in which individuals shape their own understanding of self within the context of coherence among others and among the land. This photograph is from my series “Bolinas” which delves into the small, unincorporated and largely off-the-grid community of the same name in Northern California, resting precariously on the coast of the Pacific. Dirt roads with hand-painted signs mark the pathways between a notoriously reclusive population with a rich cultural and agricultural history dating back to the 1920s, with a flowering in the late 1960s after the Summer of Love. A collective effort to clean up after an oil spill brought the people of Bolinas together, and the desire to live an intrinsically shared existence with one another and closely to the land on their own terms is how they decided to stay.

There are no longer any true communes in town but that same sharing mentality of perpetual exchange and engagement persists. My point of entry and access to the town was through a friend who started sharing a home with seven others in late 2008. Created over two years during many extended stays in which I lived in their house, I was struck by the intricacy and complexity of interconnectedness, the near seamless relationship between humans and nature, the invisible web binding moments together. I was interested primarily in the dynamic between the young women in the house and in town and the spiritual, perhaps even near religious connection they have with the landscape of this mystical place straddling two geographic plates, the past and the present, and two worlds.”

Rachel Barrett (b. 1981) received her BFA in Photography & Imaging from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts in 2003 and her MFA in Photography, Video & Related Media from the School of Visual Arts in 2008. Her work has been featured in the New York Times, PDN, Russian Esquire and other publications. She is represented by the Jennifer Schwartz Gallery in Atlanta and Gallery Stock in New York and London.

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