The One That Got Away

I remember reading once, that Martha Stewart stated that she thought more about the things she didn’t buy than the things that she did buy (and I assume both piles are equally as high). For a woman who can buy anything, that’s an interesting statement.

I’ve thought about that statement in relationship to the photographs that didn’t get taken, when I didn’t bring a camera and I missed capturing some visually profound moment. I always think I’m going to bring a camera, but because I shoot medium format, I’m not a point and shoot photographer and I know I miss a lot that way. (OK, I could bring a toy camera)….

One example was a couple of years ago, it was very early in the morning, maybe around 6:30 am, and I was walking my dog down a street with small businesses. TVs . They were all closed and it allowed me to peer into places I had never set foot in. When I came to a nail salon, I noticed a woman inside, blasting the radio and hula hooping away for exercise…it may not be all than unusual an experience, but something about that made me never forget it and always regret that I didn’t get it on film. But perhaps, some images are best left to our memories.

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