Photographer #361: Andrea Modica

Andrea Modica, 1960, USA, received a BFA at State University of New York College at Purchase and an MFA at Yale University School of Art. She released seven different monographs. Her latest book is Fountain. It contains images of the Baker’s family taken over the course of ten years in the small city called Fountain in Colorado. Modica uses a 8×10″ camera and creates moments that become narrative fantasies that mix documentary photography with portraiture. In her book Treadwell, made in an earlier stage of her career, she followed a girl called Barbara and her family. The staged images twist reality into fanytasy creating photographs that resemble fables and fairy tales. Amongst her other monographs are Minor League, Real Indians and Human Being. Andrea has exhibited her work extensively throughout the world and is in numerous permanent collections, books and catalogues. Her images have appeared in a vast amount of magazines. The following images come from the series Fountain, Treadwell and Minor League.


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