Photographer #360: Torsten Warmuth

Torsten Warmuth, 1968, is a German experimental, fine-art photographer who received a degree in Natural Science and a doctorate at the University of Kassel. In 1996, after having worked for a US mathematics software producer he decides to devote himself exclusively to photography. Within his extensive portfolio we find works using the double exposure technique. For most of his images he uses a large format camera. His series Belle de Nuit contains work surrounding Berlin’s nightlife. While making this series he experimented with multiple toning, producing unique works that give the prints a heightened plastic effect which become Silver Paintings. From 2010 onwards, the produced negatives have become more of a raw material that he works on creating pictorial compositions. By hand he creates multi-toned prints on gelatin silver paper.  The following images come from the series Belle de Nuit, Against the Flow and It’s a Man’s World.


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