Photographer #358: Christopher Morris

Christopher Morris, 1958, USA, is a founding member of VII photo agency and a highly versatile photographer. In the first 20 years of his career he was a war photographer, covering conflicts in former Yugoslavia, Chechnya, Afghanistan and Panama amongst many others. In Chechnya he realised he wanted to change his course which led to an 8 year assignment for Time Magazine as a White House photographer following the Bush administration. During the Bush-era, he published his first monograph called My America. The book is a personal journey into a Republican America. The change from war photography, being very uncontrolled and spontaneous, to the White House photographer, being very controlled and staged, shifted his photography into a new direction which includes staged, documentary and portrait work. Currently Christopher has even ventured into fashion photography. He is a regular contributor for the Italian fashion magazine AMICA. The following images come from the series Obama’s Burden, My America and Chechen War.


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