MoCP Donates 120 Books to Public Schools and Libraries Across the Nation

Art education helps to develop motor skills, cognitive skills and problem-solving capabilities, according to a study by Americans for the Arts. In an effort to help ensure public libraries and schools are able to continue providing such benefits, the MoCP donated 120 books to the Distribution to Underserved Communities Library Program (DUC).

Earlier this week, the MoCP sent 30 copies of four different books to the DUC. The donations include the following three books, which were co-published by the MoCP:

Ruth Thorne-Thomsen’s Within this Garden: Photographs by Ruth Thorne-Thomsen (MoCP in conjunction with Aperture)

Sarah Pickering’s Explosions, Fires and Public Order
(MoCP in conjunction with Aperture)

Barbara Probst’s EXPOSURES
(MoCP in conjunction with Steidl)

The MoCP also sent 30 copies of:

Jeffrey Wolin’s Inconvenient Stories: Portraits and Interviews with Vietnam Veterans, published by Umbrage Editions.

Established in 1990, the DUC distributes books about contemporary art, architecture, art history and cultural issues free of charge to both rural and inner-city libraries and schools across the nation. These books hail from museums, publishers and individual writers across the nation. These book donations are sent to areas in the U.S. lacking access to cultural institutions.