Feria de Libros de Fotografia de Autor 2011

The Feria de Libros de Fotos de Autor is taking place currently in Buenos Aires. It’s a book fair featuring locally published photo books.  The small fair takes place at Espacio Eclectico on Humberto Primo 730 in San Telmo and runs for another weekend. Here’s a few snaps I took.

Feria de Libros de Fotografía de Autor

Feria de Libros de Fotografía de Autor

The fair also features clever one-off,  home-made albums, and some objects that stretch the definition of “book”

Bichitos Mios by Belén Revollo

On the walls are mini exhibits by some excellent photographers; Florencia Blanco, Sebastian Szyd, Ananké Asseff, Facundo de Zuviría, Luciana Betesh, and Sergio Liste.

Florencia Blanco & Sebastián Szyd

Ananké Asseff

Facundo de Zuviría

Sergio Liste

I ended up buying a couple of books; Fachadas de Rafaella by Jimena Passadore and Imagenes en Memoria by Gerardo Dell’Oro They’re both quite good. I think I’ll end up writing separate posts about each but for now here’s a quick snap of each:

Fachadas de Rafaela de Jimena Passadore

Imágenes en Memoria by Gerardo Dell'Oro

Imágenes en Memoria by Gerardo Dell'Oro