“The Aftermath Project: War is Only Half the Story”

The killings of two journalists in Libya, Tim Hetherington and Chris Hondros, inspired Sara Terry, director and founder of The Aftermath Project and a 2008 Lucie Award Humanitarian honoree, to create a grant due to the outpour she received after the deaths. Terry immediately raised $20,000 after asking a few people to support the cause. The foundation of The Aftermath Project comes from the understanding that war is only half the story.

By offering a grant, The Aftermath Project gives an opportunity for conflict photographers to capture the aftermath of conflict in their own lives. roofing company florida . The year-long grant allows photographers to explore the subject in any way, whether it be through portraits, landscapes, or reportage.

The Project also offers a $5,000 honorarium for fixers and translators, working with conflict photographers, to tell their story about the aftermath of conflict. A combined award of $25,000 is given to a photographer and fixer/translator for their collaboration.

Please find more information on how to apply for the grant at The Aftermath Project


David Monteleone "Red Thistle" | 2011 Grant Winner of The Aftermath Project