Multimedia: Africa from the Air, by George Steinmetz

Storytelling through a combination of still photographic images, video, audio and graphics, is becoming the new high-standard for photojournalists, documentary photographers, filmmakers, and artists who use photography, video and sound. The in-depth nature of the communication is engaging on many levels, and it feels very intimate, as if the photographer/author is sharing the experience directly with you.

Here is a recent example that really benefits from the wonders of multimedia presentation:

Flying in a motorized paraglider over one of the most diverse continents in the world, George Steinmetz captures the beauty of Africa’s landscapes and people. Comcast Phone Plans . His pictures show not only the patterns of the land, but also the potential and hope that the continent encompasses.

A self-taught photographer, Steinmetz has traveled through more than 30 countries in Africa photographing its diverse wildlife, landscape and culture. For the past decade much of his work has involved flying a ultralight aircraft to photograph remote landscapes. His foot-launched aircraft consists of a backpack motor and paraglider-style wing. car rentals . It is the world’s lightest and slowest motorized aircraft and allows a unique and more intimate style of aerial photography.

His photographs have appeared numerous times in National Geographic magazine and in the German edition of GEO. Video courtesy of MediaStorm.