Joel Sternfeld on the High Line

© Joel Sternfeld, A Railroad Artifact, 30th St, May 2000
Section 2 of New York City’s High Line is now open and there’s an entrance on West 28th Street, just around the corner from Aperture Gallery and Bookstore on 27th St. Wednesday, June 8th was the first full day that the new section was open to the public with summer hours from 7:00 am to 11:00 pm.

At West 18th Street check out Joel Sternfeld’s A Railroad Artifact, 30th St, May 2000 the first work in Sternfeld’s project Landscape with Path, which documented the High Line before it was converted. This image, which celebrates the transformation of the High Line into an urban walkway, can be seen on a large 25-by-75 foot billboard. Sternfeld has invited two other artists, Robert Adams and Darren Almond, to pick up where he left off and create new work . Adams and Almond’s work will be exhibited on the same billboard in August and October respectively.

Another Joel Sternfeld project, Oxbow Archive, that meditates on seasonality in the age of climate change, was featured in Aperture magazine 192.