The LENSCRATCH Self-Portrait Exhibition 2011

Welcome to the 2011 LENSCRATCH Self-Portrait Exhibition. I am always excited to see how photographers choose to express themselves through self portraiture. A big thank you to all the contributing photographers for sharing your inner and outer selves, your humor, your life, and revelations. The genre of self portraiture is a universal expression of our humanity and ourselves. So express yourself!

Carol Dass, The Scream, Colorado Spring, CO

Davide Maione, and his neck, London, UK

Tom M Johnson, Pin Hole Self Portrait, Lakewood, CA

Olivia Carpenito, Self Portrait, Billerica, MA

Dennis Baburov, self-portrait, Finland

Antoine Blanchet, Fenêtre sur coeur, Saint Tropez, France

Trevor Christensen, Self Portrait (sort of), New York, NY

Andrew Phillips, Untitled, Alexandria, VA

Michelle Marie Murphy, Self in the Midwest, Cleveland, OH

Neil Berrett, July 8, 2009. Perignon, Perignon, France

Filippo Mutani, Myself, 2010, Milan, Italy

James Friedman, © 2011 Self-Portrait with Jewish Nose Wandering in a Gentile World #775 , Columbus, OH

Dick Simon, Self-Portrait of a Photographer, Sundance, UT

Greg Zauswoz, untitled, Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia

Laurie McCormick, The Best, Los Angeles, CA

Jane Gottlieb, ghost self portraits, New York City, NY

Dana de Luca, “After a certain age every man is responsible for his own face” (A. Camus), Milan

Kent Krugh, Self Portrait#7, Cincinnati, OH

Joseph Verrastro, The Night Visitor, Buffalo, NY

Enrique Ahumada, The Invisible Man, Los Angeles, CA

AnnMarie Tornabene, The Advisor, New York, NY

Benjamin Wong, nowhen, 2008, Seattle, WA

David Gardner, Intelligent Design, San Francisco, CA

Sandra Louise Dyas, Self Portrait in LA 2011, Los Angeles, CA

Cath. An., L’inconnu(e) qu’on porte en soi…, France

Elizabeth Clark Libert, Liz and Mardee, Palm Beach,from Libert & Company, Palm Beach, FL

Jennifer Henriksen, Self Portrait, London, Ontario

Virginie Plauchut, Huis Clos, France

Andrew Davidhazy, strip rollout self-portrait, Rochester, NY

Marula Di Como, Foreign, Berlin, Germany

Linda Alterwitz, Good Cranial Anatomy, Las Vegas, NV

Rebecca Martinez, Three Orange Fingers Three Blue Toes, San Francisco, CA

Bradford Robotham, Wrapped, Studio, Brooklyn, NY

Frances Jakubek, Wheelchair Accessible; Real Estate Woes, Stamford, CT

Heidi Lender, Untitled, from the series Green Dress, Garberville, CA

Philippe Calia, Untitled, India, 2007

Suzanne Harrison, No. 28, My apartment, Lisbon, Portugal

Andi Schreiber, In Vein, Scarsdale, NY

Bruce Barone, Bruce Barone (and Elizabeth Avedon), West Springfield, MA

Emma Powell, Slumber,

John F Martin, My lackey costume from Don Giovanni, Fort Mason, outside, San Francisco, CA

David Cory, Shiojiri Niwa Self Portrait, South Bend, IN

Margaret Bryant, Loser’s Lament, Lawton, OK

Nhung Dang, Milady de Winter, Brighton, UK

Robbie Kaye, Kiss Squared, Los Angeles, CA

Skott Chandler, The Science of Sleep, Savannah, GA

Bárbara Soto, Self Portrait, Brooklyn, NY

Ursula Sokolowska, Untitled #30, 2006, the Constructed Family series, Chicago, IL

Frank Biringer, Untitled – From the series “Håpet er grønt” (engl.: “Green is the hope”), Stord/Norway

Kalliope Amorphous, Boys, Providence, RI

Andrew Gold, Self Portrait, Los Angeles, CA

Douglas Stockdale, NWM Madrid, Madrid, Spain

Loretta Ayeroff, Photograph is a Verb, Postcard Self-Portrait, Los Angeles, CA

Gina Kelly, Self-portrait with Simon the Cat, Occidental, CA

Patrick Collier, Fear of Irrelevance, Stayton, OR

Patricia Houghton Clarke, The Looking Glass, Martignano, Italy

Suzanne Révy, Self Portrait with Rental Car, Santa Fe, NM

Panos Lambrou, Shadow of Myself, Long Branch, NJ

Adam Neese, Self (as Tree Hugger), outside of Nacogdoches, TX

Raul Guerrero, Multiplicity, Los Angeles, CA

Bruce Long, Male Order Bride, Germany

Sara Friedlander, Self-Distorted, Gehry’s Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles, CA

Jenny Nordquist, Morning stiffness in hands and feet, Copenhagen, Denmark 2010

Jessica Tampas, Self Portrait, Chicago, IL

Jamil Hellu, Self-Portrait, California, 2008

Taylor M. Curry, Self-Portrait, Savannah, GA

Mary Ann Lynch, Dualities, Hawaii/NY 2011

Kelli Sanderson, One Month Later, West Hollywood, CA

Deon Reynolds, Me & Mamba, Warren, OR

Dennis Hodges, Self Portrait, Malawi

Mike Spitz, Mego Man, Los Angeles, CA

Charley Star, Untitled, (Ripe #717, Self Portrait), North Carolina

Bootsy Holler, Ruby and Bootsy, Missouri

Erica Martin, Self Portrait with Shoes and Banjo, Los Angeles, CA 2011

Sarah Pollman, Untitled (Weeds) from the series Dark Surfaces, Allston (Boston), MA

Pekka Nikrus, Covering Not Covering, Helsinki, Finland

Joanna Black, One of the many hopefuls taking a chance!, Edinburgh cafe

Magali Duzant, Nosebleed #3, North Sea, NY

Garry Loughlin, Untitled self-portrait, Dublin, Ireland

Ashley West Leonard, Bounty: The Quicker Picker Upper, Los Angeles, CA

Connie Conway, Giant Women, Blackwood, NJ

Erin Tyner, looking forward, looking ahead, Atlanta, GA

Donna Rosser, Me in the Mirror, Fayetteville, GA

Isaac Hoddle, Aching Bones, Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia

Martin Lindman, Wallpaper, Stockholm, Sweden

Lilith, Doing the laundry, 2007, My boyfriend’s backyard, the Netherlands

Alek Lindus, Half Empty, Water Mill, Samos, Greece

Maryanne Gobble, The Lord is my Strength, Longview, TX

Sarah Melançon, Just.Be.Me, Baton Rouge, LA

Angel Chiriboga, Untitled, Providence, RI

Jessica German, Storytime, Dallas,TX

Brian Nelson, My Secret Pleasures, Dallas, TX

Mareva Nardelli, Stay Classy Reykjavík, Reykjavík, Iceland

Mimi Haddon, Silent Retreat, Venice, CA

Sofia Silva, Year 28, from the series 10227 days of lost affection, Glasgow, Scotland, 2011

Nicole Nash, Shy One, Dallas, TX

Mark Berndt, ,,,finally, Los Angeles, CA

Christina Maria Zane, I Once Was Lost, Savannah, GA

Linda Morrow, My Life as a Succulent, Long Beach, CA

shāna, Untitled, Huntington, NY

Erika Kapin, One Hour, New York, NY

Eva Baranyai,The Third Member, East London, Whitechapel, UK

Amelia Morris, from the series The One-Trick Pony and Other Concerns, Indianapolis, IN

Russell Joslin, Lay your head down, no one will see, Minneapolis, MN

Catherine Just, The 9th Year, Los Angeles, CA

Alexander Lessing, Untitled, Los Angeles, CA

Helena Kaminski, The Knee and the Shovel, Elmhurst, IL

Lisa Callamaro, ...always an auntie, never a mom, Long Beach, CA

Russ Morris, Self Portrait, Santa Clara, CA

James Luckett, Embodiement, Springfield, OH

Sheri Lynn Behr, Untitled, New York, NY

Bjarte Edvardsen, Brainstorm Station #2, Ålgård, Norway

Pieter Lessing, all downhill from here, Los Angeles, CA

Thom Greifenstein, The Eristic, Portland, OR

Vito Pasquale, Red, Westchester, NY

Patrice Cochran, Hello Sailor, Jacksonville, FL

Ajay Malghan, Kansas, Rockville, MD

Natalie Marie Franco, Electric Chair, Los Angeles, CA

Amy Fichter, self-portrait, sand hill cemetery, Falls City, Wisconsin

Bridget Burke, Legs, Dearborn, MI

Richard Vanek, Smoke or not to smoke?, The Netherlands

Julian Ward, Grandad’s Coat, 2010, Brighton, UK

Larry Torno, TORNO Self Portrait LENS, St. Louis

Sally Mars, I Am Here, Peru, 2004

Karen Florek, Self Portrait with Tree, Marina del Ray, CA

Paula Gorazar, When the girl was a girl, England

Shelia Newberry, Untitled Silhouette, Berkeley, CA

Noelle Swan Gilbert, Self Portrait 2009, Los Angeles, CA

Krista Bailie, Krista from the series HomeWork, Vancouver BC

Eric Phieler, Self Portrait, McKinney, TX

C. Gary Moyer, Air Show, New Jersey

Ben Madden, Self Portrait No.4, Minneapolis, MN

Warren Harold, Bifocals, Houston, TX

Angela Wenum, Untitled, Los Angeles, CA

Mike Patterson, Dreaming of J. L. Borges, Savannah, GA

Gerhard Clausing, Bonding, Laguna Beach, CA

Kathleen Taylor, Self Portrait of Computer Monitor, Beverly Hills, CA

Brad Buckman, Self, Los Angeles, CA

Bea Fresno, Midnight Joy, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Sharon Morgan Jenkins, My Kaleidoscope, Glendale, CA
Bob Bright, Folding Space, Los Angeles, CA

Herman Nicholson, Self Portrait on Bed, London, UK

Aline Smithson, Non smoker, Los Angeles, CA