Roberto Huarcaya

Roberto Huarcaya is a Peruvian photographer who has exhibited widely in the last couple of decades. His website isn’t great but I was interested in some recent work which recreates renaissance paintings using various Peruvian cities as a backdrop.

Frecia y Fany, Iquitos, 2010 – Roberto Huarcaya

Mary y Mauro, Lima, 2010 – Roberto Huarcaya

Huarcaya also won last year’s Premio Petrobras that is awarded in conjunction with the annual photography festival in Buenos Aires (which is how I first became familiar with his work). Here is the winning image, altho the panoramic format doesn’t lend itself to this blog. The image, taken from a pier, shows a beach in Lima, half public and half private, very literally demostrating the stratification of society.

Playa Publica / playa privada, 2009 – Roberto Huarcaya