Pieter Hugo directs Spoek Mathambo in cover of Joy Division’s She’s Lost Control

I love images and music. I always have and I always will. So here’s a music video for today’s post.

I was a huge fan of Joy Division, so I was intrigued by this version of one of their songs by Spoek Mathambo, with photographer Pieter Hugo (The Hyena and Other Men and Nollywood) directing. It re-works this song so so well.

From Spoek Mathambo website: “Control, fifth video from Spoek Mathambo’s debut album Mshini Wam, is a darkwave township house cover of the Joy Division classic She’s Lost Control.

“For the music video, Spoek has collaborated with one of South Africa’s most celebrated photographers, Pieter Hugo &cinematographer Michael Cleary. It explores the world of township cults, street preaches and teen gangs and was shot on location in a squatted train boarding house in Langa, Cape Town. The cast is mainly made up of the neighborhood kids who run their own dance troop, Happy Feet.”

However,  you can follow this link if you want to hear and see Joy Division performing She’s Lost Control.

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