Moby Destroyed photo book, photo show and album release in London

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Mr Moby was in London last week to celebrate the release of his first photo book and ninth album Destroyed. Published by Damiani, the hardback edition of Destroyed has 128 pages and features 55 photographs taken by Moby on tour around the world For a sight and sound experience, follow this link to Be the One video and below see the latest video The Day featuring Heather Graham. And he’s playing live at The Roundhouse in Camden on Thursday 2 June.

“Moby has been taking pictures as long as he’s been making music; and to this day he carries camera wherever he goes. The title and front cover of Destroyed depicts the final part of an LED security warning: Unattended luggage will be destroyed, which Moby snapped as it flashed up in a deserted hallway at New York’s La Guardia airport.

“Explains Moby: “One of my goals through my pictures is to take the normal and present it as odd and to take the odd and present it as normal.

“Destroyed is a behind-the-scenes international odyssey with Moby, introducing us to a side of touring that is often unexposed; secluded time spent in artificial spaces like hotel rooms, airports, and backstage waiting areas. The album and photo book combination provides an intimate look at Moby’s world and his creative process as an artist, both the music and photos were created in the same period and draw inspiration from the strange and sublime world of touring.

“The album is self-released on his own label Little Idiot, and Destroyed will be available on CD, vinyl, and digital formats. To celebrate the release of his ninth studio album, a free digital EP featuring three songs from Destroyed is available for download at

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The launch took place at Proud Galleries in Camden’s Stables with a two-hour photo private view evcnt during which Moby performed a short set led by powerhouse singer Joy Malcolm including cover versions of Walk on the Wild Side and Whole Lotta Love.

The show is on until 19 June and all the work is for sale. I interviewed Moby for a feature in August/September’s issue of Hotshoe so will leave you with a short taste of the evening…

All photos below © Miranda Gavin, 2011.

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