Kay von Aspern

When you think of Vienna, one doesn’t immediately think of quirky street photography, but Kay von Aspern has a gift for finding it. Born in Germany, now living in Vienna, Kay is a “Collector of Moments”. A member of the German-Austrian street photographer collective seconds2real, Kay looks for those unique juxtapositions that can only be found with the heightened visual acuity that comes from split second observations.

“Sometimes he’s a magician. He makes something visible, the others remain hidden. The puzzle pieces of city life creates a single picture in front of his lens. Then he presses the shutter button and keeps the moment in a unique composition. This photo does not form a situation from what it is, but as only he can see them. A bit of luck is occasionally in the game: On bad days the road seems to want to reveal anything and even for hours photographic stroll remains unrewarded. On good days, it gives the photographer a special light or a unique meeting right from your own front door. For these moments, he makes repeatedly on the way to the special in the ordinary noted.”

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