Jocelyn Allen

London photographer, Jocelyn Allen, was born in Worcestershire, England and completed a BA in Photographic Art at the University of Wales, Newport and also achieved a BTEC National Diploma in Photography. She is at the beginning of what looks to be a long and interesting career as an image maker; her site is already ripe with ideas and explorations. I am featuring work from two series, One is Not Like the Other and Reality of Youth Going Backwards in Vain, where Jocelyn looks at her place in the world.

Jocelyn series, One is Not Like the Other, will be shown at the Guernsey Photography Fesitival in June. She has exhibited widely in the UK and will have work in the International Young Artists Biennale, Morocco this fall. She was also selected for 30 Under 30: Women Photographers sponsored by Photo Boite in 2010.

One Is Not Like The Other: This project explores the theme of identity by looking at my closest relatives and myself. Though I moved towns at an early age the same people have been around me over the years.

These photographs give hints into each person’s persona with the differences between the ‘copying image’ and the ‘original’ revealing further clues into each person’s nature.

The word identity has many meanings, but for me it’s about what makes myself me. Though one may copy those who they are genetically connected to and descended from, individuality will still shine through whether it is via hints or physical differences.

Reality of Youth Going Backwards in Vain: The philosopher Søren Kierkegaard said that life begins and ends with the individual. During a phase where I could not think of anything other than the meaning of life, I thought that a person’s existence is generally made up of seven major stages. Reality of Youth Going Backwards in Vain visualises this concept and my own potential past, present and future by making myself the protagonist within the photographs. By following the colours of the rainbow and a numerical pattern, this signifies the importance of the number seven within this theory and my own personal connection with it.